How to overcome shyness & be bold

Many people struggle with shyness and find it hard to overcome it . It can take some effort but it’s not impossible to open up and be confident . In this …


09 Believable Excuses for being late

We’ve all been late to work. It happens to everyone at some point. Usually, it’s Okay. People understand. But every once in a while, you’ll need …


Learn English with Kids

Learn English with kids Improving one’s English can actually be a very simple, fun and creative process.  Now I know most of you watch online videos like …


Learn English through Microsoft word.

Lesson Transcript Hello, welcome back, my name is Emmelda. Today we will be learning terms used in Microsoft word but we will be learning them so that we can …


Slang words to describe a coward person.

Being a coward is a character trait which means someone who is extremely fearful or is afraid to do something. We all come across coward people. In this lesson …


Brush up your English Verbs

In this English Grammar lesson you will learn what a verb is and also about various forms of verbs. What is a verb? A verb is an action word. It indicates the …


14 most often misused words in English.

Another spoken English lesson from Rima to learn the most often misused words in the English language. English students often get confused with these words and …


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Hey! Don't miss any lessons, Get lessons in your email everyday! ...... Subscribe Now! It's Free