03 basic uses of ‘being’

‘Being’ is the present participle of the verb ‘be’. It is not used very often. In this lesson, you are going to learn the three basic uses of ‘being’.

‘Being’ is used in the continuous tense to talk about a person’s action or behavior:

  • Example: You are being silly.
  • Example: He was being naughty.

 Note: Do not use ‘being’ to talk about a person’s feeling.

  • Example: I am being delighted to meet you. (Incorrect)
  • Example: I am delighted to meet you. (Correct)

 It is used in the present and past continuous passive voice to show continuity of the action in the present or past.

  • Example: Dinner is being cooked by mother. (Present continuous passive voice)
  • Example: A kite was being made by John. (Past continuous passive voice)

 It replaces ‘as’, ‘because’ and ‘since’:

  • Example: Being late, he couldn’t watch the match. (as he was late, because he was late, since he was late)
  • Example: Being a friend of the actor, I am often invited to his parties. (As I am a friend, because I am a friend, since I am a friend)

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  • Hello ,I often watch your lessons and have got a lot of help of them . Would you please explain how to use rather/better and would rather/would better .The usage is quite difficult to understand or are these words among interchangeable ones …? Best regards Jandark

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