04 tips to handle Group Discussions effectively

The group discussion panel is testing to see whether you are able to present your point of view in a logical manner, if you are interested in listening to others viewpoints about the same subject and whether you are able to conduct yourself with grace in a group situation.

Let’s look at 4B’s which you could use to get through a group discussion in an impressive way:

Be yourself –

Be yourself, be as natural as possible. Do not try to be someone you are not. In an attempt to be someone else, your opinions will not be portrayed.

Be a good communicator

Be confident, while speaking maintain eye contact with all participants. Also keep nodding when others speak, it shows receptivity. Facilitate contribution from others, allow others to speak too.

Be assertive –

Be assertive, yet humble. You need to respect the other participants’ viewpoints and avoid aggressive hand movements in the event you disagree with a viewpoint. You should not interrupt another when speaking, but be patient and respectfully disagree if required.

Brownie Points –

Earn some brownie points by impressing the evaluator. You could grab the opportunity to speak first, don’t shy away if you know the topic well. If you are not too familiar with the topic then the wise thing would be to wait and listen attentively to a couple of participants speak and then you could find an opportunity to speak and build on that. As much, as it important to speak, listening actively and attentively is also a great skill to use at a group discussion. You could also use quotes, facts/statements, everyday life examples to express a clear chain of thoughts,this could help you to score well too.

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