04 Ways to make a POSITIVE INSIDE-OUT change in the New Year 2018

Hello, viewers, welcome to the New Year 2018, please accept my best wishes for the New Year and you may have a fruitful year ahead. Talking about the New Year, I know you’ve heard enough of making resolutions. However, I believe that when you change yourself positively from the inside out, that’s when your life actually changes for the better. In today’s Skillopedia session I am bringing you 4 Ways to kick start the New Year by making a positive inside out change in your personality. We all drag our past from the previous year in to the New Year, learn how to let go the past and move on in life, you will notice your life will change for the good. Years before, I was not a very positive person because I didn’t know how to let go of my past.  The past should not come in the way of making a better future for you.  So how do you let go of the past? How do you make sure, it does not affect the future? Here are a few tips I have to help you let go of your past as you enter into the New Year 2018, so stay tuned because this is going to help you:

1 . Forgive & put yourself in power.

As human beings, we all get hurt by people, these people could be our friends, our parents, someone at work or sometimes people we hardly know.  The truth is that when someone hurts us, we get angry and bitter.  That is a negative emotion.  But, do you carry these negative emotions with you for a month or a year after being hurt? A friend of mine is still angry at someone who gossiped about her six months after that that happened.  Can you believe that? If you want to live a positive life, the rule you must follow is to forgive.  When you allow yourself to be hurt and angry, you are giving the other person power over you.  And you don’t want to do that.  You want to forgive because forgiveness is going to put you in power and set you free from the negative emotions.   Now I know, the reality is that some of you have been hurt so bad that you want to forgive, but don’t know how to do it.  Don’t worry, there are two things you need to note so that you can actually forgive:

1 a. Don’t wait for the feeling to forgive.

Make a firm decision to forgive even when you don’t feel like forgiving: The fact is that you will never “feel” like forgiving someone.  Don’t wait for that feeling to forgive; it is never going to come.  So you have to make up your mind, make a firm decision to forgive even when you don’t feel like forgiving.  You can do anything if you make up your mind.  Let’s assume that your boss promoted your work colleague and not you because they were close to each other.  I know something like that would make you feel cheated and bitter.  Now, I promise you won’t feel like forgiving your boss.  This is when you make up your mind to forgive in spite of having these crazy negative emotions flowing through you.

1b. Back up your decision with action.

Act like you have forgiven him: Making a decision is not enough.  A decision has to be backed up by action. Otherwise it’s of no use.  When your actions reflect that you have forgiven, your feelings will eventually catch up with the decision you have made. So every time you see this boss of yours, don’t gossip about him.  Stop telling everyone that he is unfair or that he treated you like rubbish.  Instead, you work harder than ever in your job.  Don’t do a lousy job; or decide to come late to work, just because you did not get promoted.  Be a good example, and one day you will be noticed for the positive person you are.  And guess what? Because you have acted in the right way, you will eventually feel like a forgiving person.  This will take time, but it will happen.  Now, what you’ve done is you have opened the door to get opportunities in life because you have not allowed the negative emotions to influence you.

2 . Don’t be hard on yourself

Don’t be hard on yourself: Some people are just mad or angry at themselves.  Well, you look at yourself every time you wake up in the morning.  You are with you everywhere you go.  You better love yourself because you can’t get rid of yourself even if you try.  So if you want to love yourself, you have to let go of the past mistakes.  Are you discouraged that you don’t have enough money because you have spent a lot over useless things for so many years? Or are you angry that you didn’t spend enough effort in making a good career? It’s okay to make mistakes because you learn from your mistakes.  But don’t be angry at yourself for making those mistakes. If you are angry at yourself, you will be angry at everyone.  If you love yourself, you can also spread the love among those around you.

3 . Look for deliberate chances for doing something good.

I believe that you only get what you give.  So it is important to give the best of ourselves to people.  We can do this every single day by deliberately doing something good for someone every chance we get.  Now, you don’t have to spend money or take that much of effort to get something good done.  You see the lady at the checkout having a bad day at work? Give her a compliment; tell her how amazingly she is handling herself under pressure.  You see a homeless person on the street? Just buy him food, give him your old clothes or just talk to them.  When you habitually go out of your way to perform a good deed, it makes you a positive person over time.  So try to do a good deed every chance you get.

4 . Use the power of words.

Let me tell you, words have a lot of power.  They can uplift you or bring you down.  Words help shape thoughts in your mind about yourself.  The question is what kind of words do you listen to? Positive messages about living can bring about a positive outlook on life and make you a positive person.  I would encourage that you make it a habit to read books or watch videos like this that tell you that you are a wonderful person and life is beautiful.  Make sure you take in positive words to be a positive person.

I believe if you focus on whatever we have just gone through, you will be able to let go of the past and have a wonderful future.  That’s something great to look forward to in New Year 2018.  So I wish you all the best as you start the New Year on a positive note.  I’ll be back with some more lessons, but before I go, please don’t forget to like the video, subscribe to the channel and click on the bell icon, you do not want to miss on updates of videos that will only help YOU! I’ll see you soon, take care and have a lovely New Year!

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