05 Ways to Stand Out in a Crowd full of Strangers – Improve Social Skills

Do you feel lonely in a crowd full of strangers? You seem to be invisible, as you are not that kind of a person who gets noticed very easily, in other words, you don’t stand out in the crowd. I am sure it’s not a great feeling. But you could change this, watch this Personality development video at Skillopedia by Rima, where give brings in 5 cool tips and tricks to make you the most interesting person the room full of strangers. Follow these Personality development tips to stand out in a crowd of people with confidence. Show-off your newly gained confidence. It’s not that difficult if you follow these simple steps towards building confidence and becoming the outstanding person in the crowd.

Complete Video Transcript –

So how does it feel to be in a room full of people and be absolutely invisible? like you walk into a party and you’re kind of late by about half an hour but no one really notices cause you’re probably not that kind of a person who gets noticed very easily. You don’t stand out in a room. Not a very good feeling, is it? I’m sure it’s not and for a few years, I had this feeling myself but then I actually worked on it and I learnt some very interesting tips and tricks to become a person who stands out in a room. A person who is the most interesting person in the room. So that’s what today’s video is all about. A very warm welcome to today’s video. My name is Rima and today we’re going to talk about how you can become the most interesting, the most outstanding person in a room full of people.

You know when I decided to become really interesting and become a crowd puller, I realized that in order to become interesting, I have to first stop talking and start listening. That’s right, my first tip for you is, start listening actively. Now how do you listen actively? the first thing is to engage in good eye contact with the person who’s talking to you and really, really get interested in what they’re saying. Settle in, allow yourself to be focused on that person in that moment. You know sometimes, we get very anxious to start talking or start adding in our point of view and be in the moment. Don’t get stressed, just really focus on the person in front of you. Read their body language, see what they’re really trying to convey to you. Sincerely connect with that person and you will realize you’re actually having a good time being a listener. You’ll slowly see yourself getting better and better at being more present and becoming an active, interested listener. So when someone feels that you’re really interested in what they’re saying, you automatically become very interesting to that person. So, the best thing you can do is, become a good listener and see how people take a shine to you. How they start finding you interesting, how they want to come and talk to you and slowly, slowly before you know it, you are the most outstanding person in that party or that conference room.

The next thing you can do after becoming a really good listener is to start offering some really interesting insights and thoughts related to the topic the person is talking to you about. Are you getting confused? Well, don’t be. now let’s say, I’m talking to you about my work and maybe I work in fashion and you don’t know anything about fashion but since you’re listening so intently, in such an interested manner, you’re actually able to add one or two really wise insights to my conversation. Like for example, if I’m talking about the latest in fashion, you could probably add something interesting like, so I have a cousin who deals in fashion and she told me something similar and then I suddenly feel like, yeah, we’re connecting. You’re relating to what I’m saying or maybe you could say something very simple and sweet like, I don’t really understand fashion but when you talk about it, it seems so much more interesting than it is in a fashion magazine. So you indirectly ended up giving the other person a compliment and also appearing very, very relevant. You could also try some open-ended questions because if you ask an open-ended question, it gives the other person, the chance to show you their personality, their conversation skills and their intelligence. So ask them something that’s related to the topic they are talking about. They would love to open out their heart and share their insights and their wisdom with you and suddenly, the two of you are in the middle of a deep, connected conversation. And you know right? That if there’s someone that you enjoy talking to, suddenly that person becomes very interesting in your book. So yes, two very good things you can do become a great listener and start getting really interesting in your conversation.

Focus on having really deep conversations. now the world today’s is full of shallow, surface level, polite talks which seem to be doing the rounds in the corporate circles, family circles, social circles and no one’s really focussing on emotions. Everyone’s going for logic. Everyone’s going for trends, everyone’s going for surface level conversations and sometimes it gets very exhausting and suffocating. Especially, for a person like me, who enjoys having a really good, deep conversation. So when someone’s talking to you about something, now that you are listening properly. Now that you’re adding some interesting questions to the conversation, how about you really focus on the emotions? That’s right. Focus on what matters to the person in front of you. Focus on the deep-rooted feeling within the person who’s talking to you because we are all having these surface-level goody-goody conversations, wherein we’re just asking people what they’re doing for a living? You know what they would like to do for travel? You know, where they like to shop? Stuff like that which actually doesn’t really connect to the soul of the person in front of you because conversations according to me, need to be soul-satisfying and deeply connected. So go for the emotions, ask some really deep personal questions. You know something like, so how is it that you feel now that you have a baby boy? Or how does this it feel to excel in your first job? Is this what you always dreamt of? when you engage sincerely with somebody in the art of dialogue, that is the art of conversation, you will realize that the two of you are connecting not just as party guests or as friends but as two human beings and that kind of deep connection is going to build a long-lasting friendship and yes, being interesting is just going to be one side effect of it. So yes, if you want to be the most interesting person to talk to, you just focus deep and let go of all the shallow conversations.

Now one more thing that you really need to do, if you want to be the most interesting person in the room is, to work the art of charming the other person. Now you’re gonna be like, what does that mean? Because I’m so awkward and nervous myself and now you want me to go and charm the other person? This seems really difficult. Well, let me explain to you what it means to charm somebody. It’s honestly not that difficult. You’re already doing so many things, right? You’re giving good eye contact. You’re asking interesting questions. You’re having deep, profound conversations. Now all you need to do is, really, really work on the tone of your voice. So sometimes, we’re really interested but the tone of our voice actually takes the whole conversation in another direction. Now if you’re gonna appear very monotonous and sound very monotonous and say things like, uh. Hmm, that’s nice, so how did that make you feel? Uh… hmmm very nice, lovely, wonderful. I’m telling you the person who is talking to you is probably going to fall asleep. But how about you add a lot of zing and zeal and energy and positivity in your voice and say things like that’s fantastic, I am so glad I met you. Wow, what a story! I’m yet to hear a story that is more interesting than this one and if a person is sharing something really deep and heartfelt, how about if you use the tone of your voice and say something like, really? That happened to you? And you’re still standing in front of me, you have to be the bravest person I know. So the empathy in your tone or the positivity in your tone or the energy in your tone is really going to connect to the person in front of you. And suddenly the whole conversation’s going to become completely different. it’s gonna raise the bar of conversations, as conversations go and you know what, you’re gonna be this charming person who really understands and gets other people and a lot of people are going to be queuing up to talk to you. So imagine there’s one person who had a great conversation with you, mingled with you, moved on. there’s gonna be someone else who would like to come and talk to you and then another person and then another person and suddenly, everyone wants to talk to you. Why? Because you’re so interesting, you’re a charmer. It’s honestly not that difficult. Just take baby steps, start small and you know what, it’s actually very easy to become an interesting person. In fact, the most interesting person in the room because you really wanna connect with people and that’s one quality that everyone’s looking for. So make sure you’re doing that. Make sure that you are really working on the tone of your voice. If you speak monotonously, if you don’t have peaks and valleys in your voice, if you don’t emote through your voice, you’re going to be a boring, boring person but you know what, you’re a charmer, so unleash the charmer within you and go for it. Impress people and connect with people.

Well, another thing I wanna tell you is don’t try to act funny unless you’re really good at it. Now the fifth and final tip I have for you is that I want you to understand that, you don’t need to be a stand-up comedian when you’re going out and meeting people and trying to have a conversation unless of course, you’re professionally a stand-up comedian. You just have to be involved in listening to the conversation. it’s not always about witty one-liners and making sure that everyone knows that you’re funny and taking all the attention upon yourself rather than focussing on the other person. Use humour sparingly like a spice. Just allow it to break the ice. You know allow the connection to happen, be clued in on what’s happening emotionally in that conversation. Everything is not about you being funny or cracking a joke or gaining appreciation or getting a few laughs. It’s truly about connecting with people. Of course, there are certain people who are actually really funny, naturally funny. Now if you’re one of those, then go for it. Unleash the charm of your humour but if you’re not that funny, go for sincerity because that’s one thing I’ve noticed. Whenever I’ve been really sincere, whenever I’ve opened out my heart to someone, I’ve made great friends and great connections. So don’t always keep waiting you know. Where is that one gap in the conversation, where I can insert my funny phrase? You know where I can put in my witty one-liner, it’s not going to take you far. In fact, some people might think, that you’re really insensitive and trust me, nobody wants to speak to someone who is insensitive and insensitive people are not interesting to anyone.

So I hope that you’ve figured out that becoming the most interesting person in the room or the outstanding person in the room is not difficult. It’s just about sensitivity, positivity, good listening skills, empathy, understanding and connection. I truly hope that you’re gonna be using all these tips and the next time, you go to a party or a work conference, you’re actually gonna be having great conversations and gonna be making great friends. I truly hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video. It’s time for me, Rima to sign out. Make sure that you’re subscribing to our channel, Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world.

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