06 English expressions with ‘CRY’.

In this English speaking lesson learn 06 useful English expressions with the word ‘CRY’. We shed tears in pain and sorrow. In English we have many phrases with the word cry that one can use in daily conversation.In this Spoken English lesson we will look at six expressions with the word cry.

1. A cry-baby –

Someone,usually a child who cried too easily and keeps whining and complaining about silly things.
Example – Don’t be such a cry-baby.

2. Cry over spilled milk –

To be unhappy and worry about things which cannot be undone or rectified.
Example – I know you didn’t mean to break my vase, so there is no point in crying over spilled milk.

3. Cry me a river –

It is a sarcastic remark for someone who whines and complain constantly and you don’t really care about it.
Example – I word hard and I am so sincere still I haven’t got a raise. Cry me a river, I have been in this company for five years and yet to get a raise.

4. Cry in one’s beer –

Self pity, to feel sorry for oneself
Example – I am done with my friend who always cries in her beer.

5. Cry wolf –

This phrase comes from the story ‘The boy who cried Wolf’ it means to raise a false alarm. To ask for help when not needed.
Example – My friend can’t d things by herself and always tends to cry wolf.

6. Crying Shame –

Unfortunate situation
Example – It is a crying shame that John is unable to get a job.
Hope these 6 English expressions are useful to you and helps you to talk about situations in a fluent way.

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