06 Heart expressions in English which are not romantic.

The most important organ of our body is  heart. In English, there are expressions using the word heart however they are not romantic expressions. These expressions can be used in your daily conversation. So lets learn Idioms and expressions using the noun ‘heart’ in this Spoken English lesson.

In a heart beat –

Something that you do immediately without thinking much.
Example – If I get a good offer I will quit this job in a heartbeat.

Heart of Stone –

Someone who is stern and cruel in nature.
Example – The man who ran over that dog has a heart of stone.

Pour one’s heart out – 

To share your secret feelings and worries, usually because you feel a strong need to talk about the same.
Example – I just met her for the first time and she poured her heart out to me.

From the bottom of one’s heart –

When someone says or does something with sincere feeling.
Example – We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your help during our stay.

Heart skips/misses a beat –

When someone is suddenly surprised,excited or frightened 
Example –  When the lion appeared in front of us, my heart skipped a beat

Young at heart –

To have youthful outlook, especially in spite of one’s age.
Example – My grandfather is very young at heart.
Enjoy these Heart idioms and use them in your daily conversations.


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