06 Words to avoid in a job resume.

Do you think your resume needs an update? If your resume has words and phrases that are overused and the HR or the hiring managers are literally done looking at them, yes you do need to update your resume.  Most of the resumes are a thicket of deadwood words that are so overused that they seem to be meaningless. Here are 06 words that you need to avoid in your resume because your resume is a presentation of your work and yourself.

1)  Communication skills: What are communication skills? Being able to speak? Who judges that? And how do you that you have excellent communication skills. Your communication skills will show off if your resume is well written and even when you are called for a personal interview. So avoid using this phrase and rather concentrate on writing a good resume.

2)  Skillful: Really? You have skills?  I didn’t notice that looking at your resume. Well, humor aside , you see how redundant this word is and how it can be interpreted. SO instead of mentioning that you are skillful or you have the problem solving skills please back it up with examples that will show your skills clearly on your resume.

3) Hard working – Anyone and everyone love to call themselves hard working. But it is lot more convincing if you describe situations in concrete detail in which your hard work shows off. It should also show how it will benefit the employer.

4) Detail Oriented – SO you pay attention to details, Congratulations!! Well you need to find something more unique because this is not going to impress the employer. Because everyone in today’s world seem to be very detail oriented.

5) Experience working in : This phrase is used by several in their resumes however its not the right phrase to use the reason because experience is something that happens to you , you are the one who goes through so please describe your background and experience in terms of achievements.

6) Highly Motivated – It is ok to write that learning and acquiring new skills motivates me. But just mentioning that you are a highly motivated person is vague and it makes your potential employer to wonder why have you emphasized on this so much and then you may end up with another difficult question.

Most of these words and phrases above can be used when you go for a personal interview but do not use these words when writing a resume. Choose your words wisely and back it up with examples.

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