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07 Bad English Speaking Habits that everyone should avoid.

Not even the best of ideas can put you on the path of success if no one will listen to you.So here are seven deadly sins of speaking that you need to quit committing

Gossiping –

Talking bad about personal affairs of others. Speaking badly about somebody else seems to have a chain reaction. If you engage in gossiping it gives a bad reputation.  You think that all are enjoying listening to you but it also gives a chance to others to gossip about you.

 Judging –

When you starting forming an opinion or fill in conversations with judgements, you start making the opposite person uncomfortable or self conscious of being judged himself.

Being negative –

Negative thoughts darken a cloudless day. Negative people are called pessimists. People who are negative always are sceptical, suspicious and jealous.  If your conversations are filled with negative thoughts people will stops hanging out with you. So start being optimistic and which also proves to be better for your health.

Complaining –

It’s a habit before you know I. You’ll be known as a person who complaints about anything and everything. Be it the weather, work, news, living etc people start finding it annoying and will enjoying your company.

Making excuses –

Someone who is a blame thrower. Putting blame on anybody and anything except on themselves is considered as a bad habit.  A constant stream on excuses reveals that you do not take responsibility for your actions.


It surely demeans our language. One needs to stop adding dramatic flair which is also considered to be a form of lying. Nobody wants to listen to liars.

Being Dogmatic –

Someone who is very opinionated. Nobody wants to be bombarded with opinions. So if you are into a habit of constantly asking what one should do you need to stop that on immediate basis.

If you are committing any one of these speaking sins, please bring a change in order to be an effective speaker and surely all will love being around you.

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  1. Hitesh_k says:

    thanks for the lesson. i like the word GOGMATIC

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