07 wrongly used everyday phrases that make you sound dumb.

There are common English expressions that we use in our daily life, but we do it incorrectly. In this Spoken English lesson, we’re going to take a look at some of them and learn their correct forms so you do not sound dumb.Words Written Together And Apart – English writing lesson

I’d like to welcome you all tonight. (use either ‘you’ or ‘all of you’. You is a singular and a plural pronoun)

Correct: I’d like to welcome you/all of you tonight.

We all are waiting to see you. ( use either ‘we’ or ‘all of us’. We all is incorrect)

Correct: We/all of us are waiting to see you.

Looking forward to meeting you. (this is a very informal way of saying it. Do not use ‘looking’, use ‘look’)

Correct: Look forward to meeting you.

Ms. Samantha and Mr. Peter are visiting us. (do not use Mr./Ms./Mrs with the first name of a person. Address the person directly by their name or use Ms./Mr. with the family name)

Correct: Samantha and Peter are visiting us.

I’m writing to inform you/ I’ve spoken to him. (In formal written English, it is incorrect to use contractions like I’m, We’d, She’s)

Correct: I am writing to inform you. I have spoken to him.

I could care less. (this is the incorrect way if you want to say you don’t care. If you say I could care less, it means you care a little.

Correct: I couldn’t care less.

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