10 Beautiful Ways to say ‘I Love You’ | Learn Romantic English Expressions & Phrases for the Valentine’s Day 

Saying ‘I love You’ is not so catchy and sounds quite boring. You someone is so special, so surprise them with these 10 Beautiful romantic English expressions and phrases this Valentines day. Your English Teacher Meera has hand picked these English Phrases that are so soothing to hear and make your beloved’s heart melt for you. At Let’s Talk we always try to bring your something special so that you can improve your English easily and faster to speak fluent English confidently.

Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hey everybody, welcome back to Let’s Talk and you are with me, Meera. Well guys today’s lesson is going to be a little special, well if you ask me why, that is because I want your valentine’s day to be special than ever before. Now you would ask me, how is that possible? Well today I have got certain phrases for you which are different than I love you but they have the same meaning it means I love you. Well what I think is if you start using these different, interesting phrases, I promise you, your every day is going to be like Valentine’s Day with your valentine. Well now that’s just because I think, that I love has become, so repetitive and something that we say usually, right? Well how about trying to use these new phrases, just to get little bit more spice in your sentence, ‘I love you’ to someone. Okay guys, well I’m excited, let’s get started.

Well guys, sometimes you want to tell someone, yeah, your loved ones, how much they mean to you, they are so valuable to you and that you owe them everything, right? Now sometimes the words, I love you can fall short of what you actually want to say. How about trying to say, ‘you mean more to me than you will ever know’, right? So don’t, don’t be like, that means you don’t take them for granted. You know that, you know their worth and you are sharing that with them. And that you also say I love you is not enough for me to tell you, how much you mean to me. May be you are some of, you’re one of those who finds it a little difficult to express these things, well for someone like that, you mean more to me than you will ever know is I think a good enough a phrase to begin with and slowly, gradually try to be more expressive and use other phrases as well

Like this one, ‘you are captivating’, right? What do you think when I say you are captivating, that means your partner is able to hold your attention, by being extremely interesting, right? Very, their personality is such that they just captivate your attention, they hold your attention and they make you wonder, how can any person be so interesting? And that’s why you love them, isn’t it? Try using ‘you are captivating’ to your loved one and you will see a beautiful smile across their face.

Well guys there’s another phrase that you can try and use instead of I love you, whenever I see you, I just think – ‘good job God’. Well this is just in a funny way but you are trying to tell them, they are so beautiful, they are so pretty the way they are, no matter what they think, you know, sometimes it might go like, ‘am I looking fat?’, ‘is this looking good on me?’ but whenever then you can try using this, that whenever I see you, I just think – ‘good job God’. That means they are thanking God for making someone so beautiful and making them step into your lives. Now isn’t that really magical to say something like that to someone? Aren’t you feeling good when I’m saying this, just in general, right? Well that’s the power of using such phrases. Making you more expressive, making the others feel so good about themselves.

Well let’s take a look at more, well this one is a Spanish version of I love you. Now the thing is guys I like to experiment with different languages and so should you, not just with I love you, but so many things around you. These small phrases, when you start using in your life, it just sort of enriches you in a different way and when you use ‘Te amo’, that’s Spanish way of saying I love you. When you use it in different ways and different languages it just makes your life so much interesting, right? Well like I said, we’ve been saying I love you quite a lot. Try saying the same thing in different languages like, ‘Te amo’ I think there’s such a sweet ring to it. ‘Te amo’ just beautiful, isn’t it?

Okay, now let’s take a look at few more. Well now this one I think, in particularly is pretty good, ‘I’m drawn to you’, right? That means you are attracted to someone. Now guys understand this, when you say I love you to someone, obviously there are things about them there are qualities about them that you really feel good to be with, good to spend time with, right? Now these are the things, that keep you together, that makes you, makes them so attractive. Now you try, you want to express this but you are not able to because you are falling short of words. Try using this one, ‘I am drawn to you’, right? ‘I am drawn to you’ that means they are attractive and you are attracted to them. You are so beautiful that ‘I am drawn to you’. You are so funny that every time you say a joke, ‘I am drawn to you’, right? Doesn’t it sound interesting? Well of course it is.

Now guys sometimes you think that, you’ve met your partner before, right? It happens to so many of us that you think that, you already know them so well. How did I know this person so well? It’s like that we’ve met before but you actually haven’t, then as the time passes all of you end up thinking that you are meant to be together, we were supposed to be together and you start thinking that you knew them so well, you were meant to be with them, that was for sure. That means you want to tell them that they are your soul mates. Well try and say this it’s pretty nice to hear it from someone, ‘we are soul mates’. That’s another way to say, I love you’, right?

Now there is another phrase that you can say that ‘you have put a spell on me’. I know it sound a little dramatic here but guys wherever there is love, there has to be drama, don’t you think so? This particular phrase that is, ‘you have put a spell on me’ is not only just dramatic, but I think it’s so magical just to hear someone say that to you. Well thank you for coming into my life, ‘you have put a spell on me’, I can think about anything but you, it happens, right?

Well guys whenever you are in love, you suddenly start seeing everything beautiful, right? You can fall in love with anything, why? Because you start feeling that from within you. Well here is another one to express that you are filled with love for them and by them, ‘I am enamored by you’, right? That means you are telling them that you are filled with a lot of love for them and by them. Now here’s another one to say that you are someone who is a little chirpy or your partner is someone who just makes you go you know, makes you groove around and just makes you sing songs, you can say, ‘you make my soul sing.’ Right? That means everything so sweet around you like those, animated movies, you just find birds chirping around you, singing for you, well try this one. ‘you make my soul sing’

Now let me tell you this one, ‘every time I see you, I think you were worth the wait’. I really think that such sentences makes the other person understand that how much the other person is trying to express, how much is my worth in their life, right? And everyone wants to feel special that way so try this one, again, ‘every time I see you, I think you were worth the wait’, that means you’ve waited for the right person, until that person came along and then you finally said, ‘hmm, this is the one I want to be with’, isn’t that great?

Now what happens is guys that you a lot of friends, I understand, you have parents around you and you have your siblings and you like spending time with so many of them but when your beloved or this beautiful partner comes along, right? No matter how much time you spend with others, no matter how crazy you party with others, you always appreciate your partner so much. So here’s something that you can tell your partner that the next time you want to say ‘I love you’, you can say, ‘you are my most favourite’. No matter how much I party with others, no matter how much fun I have with others, there is no one else like you, who makes me have so much fun, who makes me smile so much, who makes me laugh so much, right? So you can say, ‘you are my most, most favourite’.

Guys I really hope that you found something good enough that you can use next time when you want to say ‘I love you’ to your partner and try to make it special for them, try to be more expressive with them. Okay guys, that’s all for today, I will be seeing you very soon in another video, until then spread a lot of love, this is me, Meera signing off, bye

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