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While travelling by plane, settling in and being comfortable is the top priority for many air travelers. While you are trying to get comfortable on a plane, you might end up doing a few things that may be bad travel etiquette and trouble fellow passengers. This self improvement video would help you learn few common pain points that can ease your journey on board and not put you in an embarrassing situation.

Complete Video Transcript : –

You really want to know a person? Pay attention to how they treat waiters, how they talk to their parents and how they act when they fly. Maybe you’re a frequent flyer or someone who doesn’t travel much on airplanes or it could be that you’ve never been on your first flight… well in either of these cases, proper flying etiquette is a must for everybody. You have the choice to make your trip more enjoyable by learning and applying some good rules and some good manners so that you could have a great experience when you’re flying or you could make your flight experience an absolute disaster just by violating other people’s secret space and making a fool out of yourself publicly, I’m sure you don’t want that any sort of public embarrassment. Well to help you escape all that shame and to help you have a wonderful flight experience, I have come up with 11 golden rules that must be followed through the ‘T’ whenever you are flying. So make sure that you watch this complete session with me and if you do follow these rules, I can assure you that you will have a great flying experience. My name is Michelle and you are watching me on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. Just imagine how embarrassing it would be if you see people staring at you, hmm… as soon as you open the lavatory, that is the toilet door of the flight and why are they staring at you? Just because you didn’t choose to attend the nature’s call at the airport and that’s why kept the plane from taking off, yeah because according to rule 101, planes cannot take off unless all the passengers are strapped to their seats, so yes please use the airport eyelets before boarding the flight, so the pilot doesn’t have to wait for you to attend nature’s call before taking off. Gotta pee? Run to Starbucks? Take your luggage with you. Oh! But she seems nice, I just asked her to watch my luggage. Well she could be nice but unfortunately she cannot accept the responsibility of your personal belongings, right? So yeah, it’s not good manners to ask someone to watch your luggage and who knows that might be the last time you see your own luggage, well I hope not. Okay the bottom line is, don’t ask a stranger to watch your stuff. Are you excited to board the craft? Great! But what’s the hurry… I often see people queuing up before boarding yeah, at the boarding counter. I mean, to me that doesn’t really make sense, because you’re at the airport gate, you’re not gonna miss your flight, yes you’re excited but that’s not a good enough reason to stand in a queue for half an hour at the boarding gate just to board the flight, which you ultimately will do, whether or not you queue up. So for me it’s much more logical to board in your own comfort zone, you can wait for a while until everyone who’s in the queue has boarded and there’s still a lot of time before the final call. So all you have to do is stand up, go to the boarding counter before it closes and then follow the instructions. Now let’s learn something about walking down the aisle… no, no, no, no, no… not the wedding aisle but the airplane aisle. How do you feel when someone bumps into you? Not good, right? So anyone else also doesn’t feel good when you bump into them while I’m walking on the aisle. So to avoid that you should carry your bags in the front and down when you’re walking on the aisle either to board or to de-embark, okay? So please remember don’t bump into anyone with your bag because you will end up in a very embarrassing situation and I know that you’re gonna follow this to not end up there. And yes this goes pretty much without saying but let me just say it, if you can’t lift your bag then don’t carry it on the flight and please, please don’t grab the back of every seat when you’re walking on the aisle, it’s not at all fun for those who are seated on the aisle seats. So these are definitely some golden rules that you need when you are on the flight. Now let’s move on and learn some more golden rules, dear passengers, use only the space above your seat for cabin luggage. Quite obviously a rule. But when not followed by one person, it ends up becoming a mess for many people. So yes, do try and use only the space above your seat to store your cabin luggage. Now if you have excess cabin luggage, instead of overcrowding the overhead luggage space, also try to use the space under the front of your seat and excess baggage can also be handed over to the cabin crew which can be collected from them later. So try that if you have excess baggage. Now it’s time to get seated and you’re almost half sitting in your seat and there comes somebody with a baby in their arms, requesting you to switch your seat with him because his wife is sitting next to you, what do you do then? Well you are actually morally responsible to offer your seat to him and likewise in any other similar situation, so that someone can sit next to the child elderly or the sick person that they are accompanying on the flight. So please follow this moral responsibility and offer you seat to somebody who wants to sit with their family members. So now you finally got to your seat and you begin to make yourself, ah comfortable and suddenly someone crushes you by reclining their seat far too much, yes I have experienced that so many times, especially at really bad timings like when I’m eating or drinking and then everything falls on me, that made me learn the lesson to always keep in mind the backseat passengers comfort before you decide to recline your seat and it’s even polite to just look back so that they’re not eating and asked them if you could recline. And I must add here that you are expected to keep the seat upright while the plane takes off and when the plane lands and also while the food is being served until everyone’s finished eating, okay? And also please don’t be a seat grabber, I mean someone who loves to grab the seat in front while getting up. You might upset the passenger in front and end up in a nasty situation, so please avoid that when you’re travelling on the plane. Once you settle in, the next thing is food and drinks that would be served on the flight, I’ll be a bit straightforward here, free drinks might lure you into having a good time, but don’t go overboard. I mean don’t get too drunk on flight because not many people would like to have a topsy-turvy drunk co-passenger… I think you know what I mean. So talking of drinks, please don’t get hot food as well on the flight because it has a very strong odour or very strong smell and trust me there is nothing worse than the trapped odour of grease, oil and meat on a plane. I mean it’s even worse than snakes, so please avoid any sort of hot food or you know drinks which can spill over. So after eating and drinking well you might just want to doze off… please don’t forget you are still responsible for yourself when åyou’re asleep, so no snoring so loudly that the people around you have to wake you up, Mister, Miss… please wake up you’re snoring too loudly. And no resting your head on your co-passengers shoulder, definitely this is a big no-no. So please be responsible when you sleep and follow this golden rule to avoid yourself into any embarrassing situation. Leaving used chewing gums, wrappers and leftover sandwiches in the magazine holder is such a bad idea. Maybe you have done that or seen someone doing it, we are simply wasting the endless efforts of the crew to keep the place clean and peppy and if we are so uncooperative, just hand over the leftovers to the staff whenever asked and don’t be so uncooperative. So please give the handovers. The last and the final rule is, do not crowd around the belt in baggage claim. This is how it works, you need to watch from a distance and go ahead when you have spotted your luggage, not before that. Make your way down to the belt, find that perfect spot. You should try to leave about three feet of space between you and the belt so that if some other passenger sees their bag, they can swoop in and grab it. So just relax, everyone’s trying to get home and you will get there too. So these are the golden rules for a pleasant air travel experience. Follow them if you don’t want to put yourself in an embarrassing situation. Be polite, seek assistance and the people around you would be more than happy to help you making the air-space a better way to travel. so wish you a journey mercy for your next flight.

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