10 Most Trendy Internet Slang Words & Acronyms You Must Know.

We all use internet slang on chat messages or in emails. But, there are some English slang words and acronyms that bounce you off and make you wonder, what does that really mean. This English lesson refers to a variety of slang language used by different people on the internet. I will cover 10 most popular English slang words and acronyms used on the internet. Know their meanings and understand in which situations you could use them.

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Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hello everyone, welcome to a new lesson you’re with me Niharika well the internet can be quite a confusing place even for someone who is using it every day because internet language evolves every single day in fact internet slang words can transform language itself so you need to know them to get by in real life because there are many times when you look at a word on the internet and you’re like what does this really mean you know it’s amazing to see how internet words are having such a tremendous impact on the english language so since you’re here to learn english well i believe that learning internet slangs are also extremely important just to understand how they are used and if you can use it as well

so let’s have a look at certain internet slang terms we will start with the first one which is poke well what does poke mean well people poke their friends or friends or friends on facebook for a lot of reasons maybe just to say a hello or probably to get their attention now when you poke someone they will receive a notification so the next time you see a poke on your facebook you know what it is i have another one for you which is AMA well it stands for ask me anything but what does that really mean well ask me anything is a series started on reddit yes where an authority on a subject fields open questions yeah now it is now used more widely on the internet so with any sort of public questionnaire answers being termed as AMA so if you are asking for any questions publicly i mean socially on the internet then it’s AMA i am looking for a nice baby themed cake so it’s a question that you have put up on the internet you’re asking for suggestions so the next time you see AMA you know what it is ask me anything the third one is dm oh just dm it to me i will dm you my contact details what does dm mean well it lets you to send private messages to your friends or receive private messages from anyone now it’s especially useful for sharing information you don’t want to post it in public so if you are on facebook something that you don’t want to share it on the facebook wall probably because you don’t want anybody else to see it what do you do you dm it now dm is slowly becoming the default way of telling people someone to message you privately so much like pm like in the past people used to say pm it to me pm stands for personal message or private message but these days it’s dm so if you’re using instagram twitter or facebook people will say hey why don’t you dm it to me here’s the next one eli5 yes e l i five what it means well when someone gives a complex explanation for an event and you need them to dumb it down for you you ask them to explain it like i am five years old or e l i five most often it’s used to explain like a science or a technology in layman’s terms next time you don’t understand it use this term here’s the fifth one for you which is face palm short for uh idiot stupid yes what does that mean when someone does something really stupid instantly your palm hits your own face or your forehead something like

something like this now the entire series of action is now reduced to a single word and that’s face palm so like

okay so something you’re just i mean it’s unbelievably stupid to you so you can wait disappointment you can wait disapproval and that’s when you do the face bomb okay let’s have a look at another one which is head desk supreme frustration you are really annoyed yes what do you do well you head desk now head desk is the extreme face palm something similar to face bomb when you’re annoyed with stupid things but this is like extreme frustration so when someone says something really stupid really idiotic you hit your head on the desk to convey your utter loss of faith in humanity yeah i mean how can humans be so stupid and that’s why you do that it takes a lot of knowledge that at least you can express your feelings in such a amazing world right so the next time you’re frustrated on things which are super super annoying then you do this well here’s another interesting internet slang that people end up using commonly especially teenagers that’s i d g a f i d g a f what does that stand for i don’t give a yeah that’s what it stands for what does it really mean well it means exactly what it means in english yes it’s just a way of saying that you really don’t care and of course then you add that swear to it so commonly used by teenagers you will come across on the internet very often we will have a look at the next one which is imo or it is also imho so imo or imho stands for in my opinion are in my humble opinion why do we use that well what does it really mean it’s just an another internet classic imo is the safe way to express your opinions without making it sound like you are proclaiming a universal truth yeah people don’t like people giving opinions right another one which i mentioned imho is the way to do that while seemingly humble or at least pretending to be really humble since the internet is always up for a debate so those are like the perfect forums to use these two acronyms so especially when someone says something like maybe about the government maybe about the cops something that you can start a debate on well that’s internet for you use this like when you want to mention what you think about it use these acronyms here’s the next one irl in real life what it means the internet is the virtual life do you agree now people often have a whole second persona online or they really keep their real life neatly separated from their online life so these days trust me humans live two lives one on the internet one in their personal yes so in your real life is a qualifier of irl is enough to let people know so for example there’s a friend of mine who keeps posting amazing pictures on the internet and i just feel that her life is just so perfect but i just met her last weekend and she was telling me that life is so difficult for her like career-wise and even in personal relationships she’s facing such a difficult time with her husband and she’s not really happy with her job so in real life that’s irl her life is so different yes as compared to what we see online her personal life is so different so that’s how you use this internet slang well here’s the tenth one for you which is j s y k just so you know yes j s y k stands for just so you know and what it means oh it’s something similar to f y i if you still use f y i which is for your information just to be a little sassy when schooling someone that you’re old then you can use jsyk that’s the new fyi so get with it so for example if you have to use this term um in your english maybe on the internet well you can say jsyk i was in australia for my vacation so i have no clue about all of this yes that’s how you use it so next time someone is using fyi hey you can be different and use this one so people often you find strange phrases strange abbreviations and words like that on the internet places like social media be it twitter facebook instagram you read comments you read online forums and now that you know many of these words that i just helped you out it’s not going to be difficult for you to understand so if you have made a note of these internet slangs that i just mentioned you know many times that you can use it and how you use it and how you understand it better so hope you enjoyed this lesson today with me and noted all of these internet slangs i’ll be back with a new lesson soon till then you take care and hey don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon in order to get all our updates for such amazing lessons take care and keep smiling

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