12 Common English Words You’re Mispronouncing! | Fix Common Pronunciation Mistakes

In this English pronunciation lesson, you will learn how to correctly pronounce 12 common everyday English words. These words are often mispronounced and common pronunciation mistakes many English students make. English spellings and pronunciation are two separate things, correct pronunciation needs proper word stress and pronouncing sounds correctly. There are many silent letter words that confuse many students. I have chosen the most common words used in everyday English conversation that even the advanced English learners mispronounce. I hope this pronunciation lesson would help you fix common pronunciation errors.

Accessory [ akses-uh-ree]
These days sun glasses are much more than just a fashion acessory.

Across  [ uh-kraws]
The bank is across the road, we don’t need a cab to get there.

Federal  [ fed-er-uhl ] In America the citizens pay both, federal and state taxes.

Foliage  [ foh-lee-ij ] The foliage was so dense that it made walking quite difficult.

Heinous [ hey-nuhs ] The criminal received the death penalty, for his heinous crime.

Hierarchy [ hahy-uh-rahrkee ] She worked her way up through the corporate hierarchy to become president.

Mayonnaise [ mey-uh-neyz ]
If you’re watching the calories, don’t have too much of mayonnaise.

Minuscule [ min-uh-skyool ]
Many fast food workers are quitting their jobs, because of minuscule salaries.

Forte [ for-tay ]
Because cooking has always been his forte, taking up the job as a chef, was the right thing to do.

Niche [ nich ]
James has carved a niche for himself, as a financial advisor.

Maniac [ mey-nee-ak ]
I won’t get in the car with Richard – he drives like a maniac.

Awry [ uh-rahy ]
The coronavirus lockdown, has made things awry, for many businesses.


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