15 common misspelled words in English.

In this English lesson by Niharika, you will learn the most common spelling errors made in English. These are spelling errors are quite often made by many English learners at their initial stage of learning the English language, this English lesson give you an opportunity to correct them, Niharika takes you through the 15 most common  misspelled words in English, sit back and enjoy the lesson.





Acheive Achieve
Alot A lot
Beggining Beginning
Beleive Believe
Definately Definitely
Enviroment Environment
Hygenie Hygiene
Lightening Lightning
Morgage Mortgage
Peice Piece
Wierd Weird
Pronounciation Pronunciation
Tommorrow Tomorrow
Calender Calendar
Febuary February


I hope you enjoyed today’s English lesson, and would not misspell these 15 words above.

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  • Hi Niharika,

    Thanks for sharing knowledge of commonly misspelled words. Could you also please let me know the English rule by which we can identify whether we should use ‘ie’ or ‘ei’ in a word ?

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