How to correct someone politely?

In this free English lesson I am going to share with you the most polite ways to correct someone and also what you should not say while correcting someone. You …


Action Verbs with Hand Movements

 Our hands are the most important part of our body. You use them for almost everything. In this English lesson you will learn 10 different action verbs to …


Polite English phrases to offer help.

This spoken English lesson is all about how to offer help to someone by using polite English phrases. As sometimes we are not sure if the person we want to …


How to be a smart mouth?

In this English lesson, Ceema tells you how to be a smart mouth. When you want to express your frustration or confusion or any feeling based on what people …


Each vs Every – Usage and differences

Finished watching this English grammar lesson and understood the difference between Each and Every, now it’s time to see how much you have learned from …

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