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There are some people who attract people like a magnet. They Impress anyone around them and you keep wondering, how do I boost my confidence level and be more attractive that people would love talking to me. You have great communication skills, an average personality then, what stops you to impress people or people stay away from you. Well, watch this self help Skillopedia session as it would help you understand the basic 5 behaviours you are going wrong with. Make these changes and become a people’s person. 

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Complete Video Transcript : –

Do you wish to be a people’s person? As in someone who’s almost like a public magnate. Wherever he or she goes, he attracts people, she attracts people around them for all the good reasons but I know of course there are people who attract attention for quite unwanted reasons. But today we are not talking about them. Today we are talking about people who attract good attention and we will look into more detail that what are the personality traits of such people. So be sure that you stick around to find out what are those personality traits and who are those unique personalities that we can always remember and we just can’t forget. So much so that other people also wish to be around those people to win their friendship and to win their approval. If you want to be one such person then make sure that you watch this complete lesson and my name is Michelle you’re watching Skillopedia the place to learn skills for the real world.

Hey do you like Charlie Chaplin? I adore him, yeah! What image comes to your mind when I say the name Charlie Chaplin? Can you think of a man with moustache, suit and a cane in his hand? Well this image cannot be confused with any other personality because it’s so typically Chaplin, Wow! Now let me think of a female name, um how about Marilyn Monroe? Do you know about her? What do you see in your mind? Do you see a lovely beautiful woman with blonde tresses and red lipstick, a white dress and a beautiful mole? Well I think I almost spelled out the image you had in your mind, didn’t I? So why am I talking about all these today? I said it’s not about appearance, right? Of course your personality is not just about your appearance but today I want to draw your attention to the fact that it is the unique image of a person that allows him to attract people so that they can remember them. So you can remember Chaplin because of his mustache and Marilyn Monroe because of her white dress. The same way you should also have an image that allows people to remember you. Even a very meek and simple looking person for example Mahatma Gandhi could also cast a great impression upon the people and he could draw masses, but what is the uniqueness in you? Can you think of a unique thing about your image? Do you have a unique hairstyle or something that you never changed let’s say you always have a French beard and it never changes so people remember you guys okay the guy with the French beard? That’s how they talk about you. So maybe you have something particular about you, it could be the way of talking and how do you remember me? Is there something particular thinking about which you remember me? Do let me know what is the unique image that comes to your mind when you think of me? But right now I want you to add something unique to your personality so that others can remember you. Think about it, brainstorm about what you want should be unique in personality so that other people always remember you

Okay, let me ask you a question, can somebody rely on you if they have a problem? If your answer to this is ‘yes’, then you are a people’s person. Only an independent person can be a people’s person, while you’re independent you should also be self-dependent this means that you should not depend on others for help too much rather you should be the one who helps other people. Can people come to you for help? Do you think they can ask you for help if they’re going through a struggle? Will you be there for them? Do you think you have the potential to help people? For example if any of your friend needs your help or if someone is in a problem, would you be available to help them? Well this is the question that tells you whether or not your people’s person and if your answer is ‘yes’, I would be able to help someone then this is great because this is very courageous. Make helping people your habit and you’re definitely there to attract a lot of people towards you who would follow you for being who you are and also I would like to tell you that you must monitor your speech you should avoid saying phrases like, ‘I guess’, ‘I suppose’, ‘maybe’, ‘probably’ this makes people feel that you’re kind of unsure about things. Instead you should replace them with phrases like, ‘I can’, ‘I will’, ‘I will learn’ let your yes be your yes and your no be no. So be a people’s person through this tip that I’ve shared with you.

Could you ever admire and want to be like a person who is always complaining? Of course not. So why complain and make our listeners also feel troubled. This is a step to push people away, when you start complaining and grumbling too much, people don’t want to be with you. So it’s important that you have a positive mindset to keep people in your life. You should avoid criticism over little things, you should avoid complaints and even negative topics. So even if something is going wrong in your life, like maybe you’re going through a family problem or some financial struggle you should not talk about this to your friends always. Make sure that your conversations are filled with positivity and do not let your situation affect your conversations and people will be there to listen to you and to talk to you for sure.

Do you know that your behavior reflects your confidence and therefore I say you should not slouch or lie down as if you are so lazy? Instead I think it’s important that in your daily activities you should smile more often and avoid closed postures like this. In general whatever you’re doing whenever you appear in public act and feel like a celebrity, celebrate yourself. Your public appearance, the way you walk and the confidence in the way you smile says a lot about you and make sure that you sit upright and your posture should be very strong and not lousy which makes you look tired. So make sure you have a good posture because that reflects your confidence.

Do you enjoy telling stories? Yes? Do you know how to do it? No? Okay tell me this do you think storytelling is an art or a skill? You think it’s an art? Wrong, storytelling is a skill and this is one skill that can be learned any time in your life just if you have confidence, yes. You can tell stories and attract people to you, especially stories that are humorous if you have the ability to crack jokes about yourself of course not every one of your story and jokes will work but you could start by telling your personal story to your friends, you know your close friends and build confidence slowly and step by step so that you can share your success story or your failure story with the people around you or maybe you know you could just share about the funny incidents where you lost your phone and how you got it back or something like how you climbed up the success ladder. So all these are different ways to talk about your experiences through storytelling. Storytelling is of course not memorizing a story and telling it it’s more about telling about your personal experiences to people to let them know about what you’ve been through and if people like your stories then this will start a chain reaction and one person will tell it to another person and who knows soon you might even see your story circulating as a WhatsApp message, wow, that would be great, has it ever happened with you? Please let me know if it has. So this is another way of attracting people around you and to be a public magnet.

So in this session today guys I have shared with you how to be a public magnet and how to attract people and keep them in your life. Well as I told you it’s not just about your appearance, it’s more about your personality, how you smile, what is the kind of message you share, do you have a big dream and what’s unique about your image? So these are all questions that you have to answer for yourself and then make yourself a public magnet or a people’s person. So if you want to attract masses to follow you make sure that you follow all these tips and let me know about what you’ve learned today. So thank you so much for watching this session with me I hope this was very useful for you. See you very soon in another session till then you take care bye, bye.

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