5 Smart Ways to deal with Negative People & Stay Positive | Crush Negativity from your life

Negative people are all around, but how to deal with their negativity and stay positive is a skill that every one needs to master to stay motivated in life. In this motivational video for success with Ceema, learn essential life skills about how to crush the negativity from your life and 5 smart ways to deal with negative people in your life. This is one of the best motivational video at Skillopedia, you should not miss. 

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Complete Video Transcript : –

Hey guys, welcome back to another lesson. In today’s lesson, I’m going to show you how to crush negative people. A lot of people tell me that well, they’re surrounded by negativity in the world and it’s really hard to keep an upbeat or a positive attitude. I don’t blame you. The problem is that we feel very overwhelmed with all the negativity because we have not learned how to keep away from all of that but in today’s session I will teach you how to effectively crush negativity and all kinds of negative people. So pay attention and watch the complete video.

Okay so remember no one can make you think what you do not want to think. Hmm! What does that mean? It means that we cannot control other people’s actions but we can control our own thoughts about various things around us. So stop trying to control people who are negative. Stop trying to fix them in order to make yourself feel good. Focus on yourself ask yourself why should I think I am not worthy just because someone made fun of the way I said something. Think to yourself that you are a beautiful person that you aren’t doing everything that you possibly can in order to become successful and tell yourself always that you are on your way to better and beautiful things. So own this thought of yours and don’t let anyone make you think otherwise. So the next time your coworker tells you, “You know what Mrs. Smith, she is so mean, she is one old hag.” You just smile back and say, “I believe that she’s just having a bad time.” “It happens once in a while she’s actually a quite good person.” Now what have you done? Your comment has defused that negative comment of your colleague you’ve actually taken the sting out of the negative remark. Yes! You’ve successfully crushed out all the negativity.

Now negative people are shocked when they receive love because that’s the last thing that they expect, right? Now if you’re driving on the expressway and you get cut off in traffic, don’t stick out your middle finger, I know it’s tempting to dish out every cuss word in your dictionary when something like that happens but take a step back and think about why someone would cut you off in traffic? Maybe they’re having an emergency, maybe they have to catch a flight, they’re kind of late or maybe they’re just bad people who love rubbing you off the wrong way, who cares? Whatever the reason for someone else’s behavior, you do not allow that to affect yourself just smile as if nothing affects, you just let it go and don’t give it much thought. These people are not worth your time, your effort and your attention. So spread the love and see how that changes the way you perceive things and that will change your personality and cut off all the negative that is all around.

Now don’t link yourself with negative people. Now I’m talking about people who are close to you, yeah the unfortunate thing is that even certain family members or maybe a boyfriend or a girlfriend could drag you down with all the negative talk. Some people unfortunately will never change. So stop trying to change your mother who loves to gossip or maybe your co-worker who keeps complaining about a lousy job, a lousy life, stop changing your boyfriend who hates his job. Don’t link with them too much, don’t get too close to them. Now I know you cannot stay away from your loved ones altogether but don’t spend too much time with them either. Let them see your positive energy and let them be motivated to want to change by looking at how happy you are but until they change don’t invest all your time in them or else you could also get sucked into the negative thinking pattern.

Now negative people will always do things to hurt you, in any way that they can. Now understand one thing that negative people do this because they don’t know any better, they don’t know to act any differently, they’re just projecting what they feel on the inside. Now a person who has low self-esteem, will always be jealous and put you down, right? They can’t help it that’s just who they are, if you’ve been a victim of negative behavior from anyone you know or anyone you don’t know so well, do yourself a favor and just forgive. When you forgive the person who has been bad to you for whatever reason it opens up your life to more opportunities to do better things and meet better people. Now you don’t have to talk to people who hurt you however you might want to just release them from your mind, release them from your heart. So crush the negative or the negative people by just learning to forgive.

We have all heard how actions speak louder than words, well it’s kind of a cliché because all of us have heard of it but none of us really know how to put that into practice, right? Now being a good example to people around you, crushes out all the bad energy. It’s okay if it’s a rainy day and you’re soaking wet, so what? Everyone you meet might crib about it or curse the rain but you be better than that, you be different, if you set your mind to it you can actually have fun even on a bad day, even in lousy weather. Believe me you can make silly faces, grab a nice hot chocolate latte, guess what, the rains not going anywhere you might as well change your attitude about it. When your actions let out a positive spark, a negative person loses the confidence to pull you down. He gets influenced by your attitude simply because you’ve set a good example. So go ahead set a good example by your actions.

Well thank you so much for watching. I know that this lesson will inspire many people to put a positive spin on their lives. These tips have helped me live a better life and a happier life obviously. So drop in your comments about how it helped you as well. I’ll be back with some more lessons but before I go, please like the video, subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to prep to press the bell icon, until next time this is me Ceema saying have a great one.

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