5 things to avoid while learning to speak English fluently.

It’s not that difficult to speak English, you just need to focus on to remember correct sentences and use them at the right time. However in this English lesson Niharika brings you five important things to avoid while you are learning to speak English.


Don’t be ashamed to speak up.

Many English learners are quite embarrassed and feel shy to speak English, important thing to note here is if you are going to feel shy and embarrassed to speak English, how would you practice the language?, how would you become fluent? Even if you have limited vocabulary, your pronunciation is not that great, your accent is not perfect, don’t worry, just speak up, you are gradually going to improve.

Don’t be frustrated with yourself.

Getting frustrated is not uncommon, it happens with all learners, but if constantly start feeling frustrated you are not going to learn English. There are time when you are not being able to describe things effortlessly , there are times you wouldn’t get the right vocabulary  when you need it the most, just don’t bang your head, relax you will improve as time progresses. Getting frustrated just won’t help.

Don’t take things personally.

While speaking in English you might come across situation where people don’t understand you at the first go, maybe because of your sentence structure, your pronunciation, or even your accent. Please understand there are people with different accents across the world, they speak English with a touch of their native accent. If someone doesn’t understand you accent at the first go, it’s okay, you can repeat it for them, just go slow and you would get it right.

Don’t compare yourself with native English speakers.

The biggest mistake that English learners make is they compare themselves with native English speakers. Many learners start to think, I have been learning English for a long time, but still I don’t speak like the native ones.  The best thing is to be happy with the level you have achieved, you are still learning and one fine day you will speak as native speakers do. Keep up the good work going.

If you get fluent, don’t be arrogant.

It happens, once you get fluent in English you start getting to feel that edge over other learners and you start insulting them. Arrogance will not lead you anywhere, remember you never inserted a chip in your brain to learn English, it’s a learning process, some are slow learners, everyone in this world is different and have varied pace to learn. Be patient with new learners, don’t insult them, rather encourage them to speak up, share the experiences you had during your learning process.

I hope you have enjoyed this English lesson and remember the points I shared with you to avoid while learning to speak English.




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