6 different ways to congratulate someone.

When something great happens to a friend of yours or to a family member or even a colleague, what is the first thing you do to express your happiness? Well, we congratulate! Joyful times go hand in hand with congratulations. In this Spoken English lesson today, let us look at some new English phrases that can be used instead of congratulations.

1) Felicitations –

The word is derived from the Latin which means good wishes. So if you want to stand out from the crowd of people offering their congratulations you can use the term felicitations instead.

2) Hip Hip Hooray/ Hurray –

It is a cheering called out three times in a row to express praise for someone or to appreciate someone.

3) Three Cheers ‘for…’ –

Just as hip hip hooray, this phrase is generally followed by for and the name of the person or thing being celebrated.

4) Kudos –

Compliments or congratulations. This word is derived from the Greek and means praise. It is used to appreciate and congratulate someone’s deeds.

5) Hat’s off to you –

To show respect and congratulate. This expression alludes to taking off one’s hat as a sign of respect.

6) Mazel Tov –

Used among the Jewish for congratulating or to offer best wished to someone. The literal meaning of this phrase is good luck.

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