6 tips to ace a Job Interview

  1.  A good Resume and a cover letter may have possibly given you that chance to give an interview.  But once you’re in there, you have less than probably half an hour to make your mark and set yourself apart from other qualified candidates for the job.  So, preparing for the pre-interview, interview and post –interview stage is imperative.  Here are a few basics you need to keep in mind.
  2. Good appearance: Remember, first impression is the last impression.  You definitely want to leave a lasting impression on your potential employer.  You can begin by appearing good.  Whatever your gender, you might want to stick to formal clothing.  Yes, while you’re at it, make sure they are comfortable, clean and well pressed.  Guys can opt for a tie.  Go with neutral or monochrome colors. Ditch the bright oranges, neon blues and the bright purples for another event!!! You might also want to do away with any body piercings you have.  Girls, please tone down on the makeup! Always remember-Less is more!!!
  3. Be punctual: Punctuality is one of the main pre-requisites for many hiring managers.  Arriving punctually also reduces a great deal of stress.  Don’t be late, but then don’t be too early either.  Make sure you reach your interview at least 10-15 mins in advance.  To do this, you need to make sure you have the correct address a day in advance of the interview.  If you’re driving, figure out the parking lot and the time it takes you to walk it to the nearest elevator. It could save you a good 10 minutes.  If you are using the public transportation, make sure you keep record of the bus routes and train timings a day or two in advance.
  4. Sell yourself: Believe it or not-“SELLING YOURSELF” is the part which will set you apart from all those other candidates.  This means you carry your credentials with you-a copy of your resume to begin with.  It’s also a good idea to carry your work from the previous employment which includes appreciation emails from clients, thank you notes from customers, awards you’ve bagged, etc.  It shows that you’ve taken the extra effort to make that mark.  Show them how your skills will make your job easier for you.
  5. Body Gestures: Now that you’ve finally arrived, you want to appear professional.  I don’t mean by what you wear, but how you conduct yourself.  Your body gestures play a big part here.  No matter what your attire is-when you enter, you must always wear a nice, BIG smile.  Your handshake must be firm-not extra strong or weak and clammy.  Always make eye contact-which shows that you are an honest person and you’re one that accepts feedback.  Make sure you don’t turn your eye contact into an ugly glare which borders on threat.   But then, don’t completely look away from your interviewer which actually shows low self-esteem.  Your sitting posture is very important-sit with your back erect-No body wants to hire a slouch.  While speaking, make sure you have open hand movements or gestures which show that you’re a person who is easily approachable.  Don’t folds your arms which give you a closed and reserved look.
  6. Ask questions: Asking the right questions is very important.  These questions mainly help you clear your doubts or apprehensions about starting a new job.  It could be questions related to the company (its policies, corporate ethics, pay structure, etc) or the job itself so that you’re aware of the specific skills involved.  This shows your interest in being a part of the organization.  Questions relating to the job also show that you want to make sure you’re an asset to the company by bringing in your skills-technical or communicative to do a good job while you’re on board!
  7. Follow up-No matter how the interview goes-always follow up!  You can do this a week after the interview.  Always thank your interviewer for the opportunity they gave you-no matter what the outcome is.  The feed back they give you will always help you discern your strengths and weaknesses.


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