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7 Fun tips to kill stress before stress kills you | Best stress management techniques

In our busy lives, stress inevitable. We all go though stress, depression and anxiety. But how do you manage stress and deal with depression and anxiety is the key to live a positive and happy life. Learn some fun and easy to follow stress management techniques that will make stress your friend. You need to kill stress before stress kills you. Managing stress sounds like a bid deal, but believe me it’s not, only if you handle stress in a fun way. In this Skillopedia video by Niharika, you will learn how to deal with stress in an easy and fun way, you are sure to enjoy these stress management tips and would to put into practice almost instantly.

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Complete video transcript :-

Hey there, you’re with me Niharika and I’m here in this beautiful city Auckland. Well feeling so nice and stress free but do you know what, these days, being stresses seems to be as trendy as being on a diet. Well, everyone’s doing it. Throwing terms around it as if it’s an excuse of a bad mood or short fuse. Well the problem is stress has some serious side effects that can be bad for your health and happiness. Well if it isn’t addressed, then that’s an issue. We all get stressed but how do you deal with it? Do you get more sleep? Exercise more? Rethink your responsibilities? Well all of these are important, they are also really boring. Of course there are lots of pills to help you ease off that anxiety but we prefer to do it green, which means go natural. No chemicals, no drugs. It’s all fun. We all get stressed but how do you deal with it? Well next time you need to reduce stress but want to have some fun while doing it, well here are some options.

Well here’s the first fun thing that you can do, show off your artistic skills. Expressing yourself creatively is a great way to distract yourself from your problem plus it’s so relaxing and it helps you to release endorphins. Try listening to music, sing a nice song or dance like nobody is watching you. In fact, painting, drawing or participating in some other kind of craft helps too. Want double the benefits? Well creating a vision, that’s a vision board, is stress relieving because it distracts you and because it encourages you to find a greater meaning in your life.

The second fun thing is to go green which means reduces your stress by gardening. You know there have been researches that show having plants and flowers in your presence can elicit a positive mood and of course reduce stress levels. connecting with the earth sticking your hands in the dirt and you know tending to the plants yourself even further it’s really energy giving and keeps you calm. Now if you don’t have a garden yet, just start planting small plants in your backyard or in a small little balcony. So trust me gardening helps too.

The next fun way is laugh as much as you can. Well, laughing reduces stress both momentarily and long term by reducing your stress hormones and changes the outlook on life. In fact, even anticipating laughter has the ability to relax us. So try to watch a funny film or probably hit a video which really makes you laugh. Well we’ve got YouTube, right? It might be a little awkward at first but you will soon be doing it for so much fun. So go ahead watch these funny videos or watch funny films that really make you laugh your heart out.

Well, another fun thing you can do is cuddle with an animal. Well, trust me when I say this that pets are great for your health in more ways than one. Petting an animal for just a few minutes can reduce stress to say nothing of the wonderful effects that unconditional love from pets has an amazing impact on your health. Try to walk a dog if you can. You know they have been bred to respond to human emotions. Plus the mere act of walking can be really stress relieving. Now if you don’t have access to a furry friend, well you can visit a dog park or a dog petting cafe or even watching a video of a cute little puppy with those little puppy eyes will reduce your stress.

Another fun to do is take photos. Well, you need to stop scrolling through your Instagram feed and take some photos of your own instead. Well, selfie time. We all love those selfies right? Photography literally helps you gain a different perspective on the world which definitely keeps your own stress in check. We all have mobile phones with cameras these days, so make that conscious effort to find positive photos. You know looking for the good in the world will reduce your stress levels. Well look at me, well I am a trainer, I love my job but there are days when I am super stressed. Of course, it gets stressful but generally when I shoot in the studios. Yes, we love it, we do a wonderful job, however, this time we thought that you know let’s just go outdoors. So here I am in Auckland, in the beautiful country of New Zealand and I am loving it. It’s definitely stress-free for me too. So what are you waiting for? You know grab your mobile phones and start clicking pictures.

Well, the next fun thing is to blow bubbles. What do you think blowing bubbles is only for kids? Well as adults you can do it too. It’s super fun. Blowing bubbles is fun but that’s not the only reason it’s stress relieving. The activity requires you to breathe which literally forces your body to relax. Not a fan of bubbles, blowing up balloons, well it has a similar effect. So you can blow colourful balloons too and add a little cheer to your home and to your office.

The last thing that you can do is get in touch with that inner child in you. Ever wonder why children are never stressed? Sure, it’s because they don’t have crazy responsibilities but it’s also because they have play time. Now luckily it’s pretty easy to give yourself playtime too as an adult. All you have to do is get in touch with your inner child. Go have fun, you know, go fly a kite, get some play dough, build legos or finger paint. You can also play board games or go to Trampoline Park. Go jump with joy. Well, you will be surprised at how much this can relive your stress.

So, people, these are the fun ways that will really help you to relieve stress. Hope you enjoyed this video with me and I’ll be back with some more fun videos for you and now I’m gonna go rolling down the grass just like a kid because I wanna be stress-free, fun right? See you’ll soon, take care

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