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8 Funniest English Phrases to describe Human Body

Learning new English phrases is the best way to speak fluent English. In this English speaking lesson with Niharika you will learn the 8 Funniest Phrases to talk about human body. We are sure that you would have fun watching this spoken English lesson and learn some useful English practice sentences to sound more confident and speak fluently. Use these English sentences in your daily conversation and let us know in the comments how, you found this English lesson.

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Complete Video Transcript : –

Many of us, oh no most of us tend to be unhappy with our bodies, I’m too thin, I’m too fat, I’m too tall, I’m too short. We are always complaining about our bodies so in this lesson today we are gonna look at funny English phrases to describe our bodies. Hello friends, I am Niharika and welcome back to a new lesson, well today we are gonna look at eight funny English phrases that you can use in your conversation when you are trying to describe your body. Now weight gain is like a major issue for most of us. We are always complaining about something or the other. So here are these fun phrases that you can start using when you are talking to your friends or family.

The first English phrase that I have for you is a ‘muffin top’. Have you heard girls are saying, oh I hate this muffin top on my body. So what does this muffin top exactly means? When you’re wearing a tight pants or maybe you’re very tight trousers or maybe jeans, the moment you wear it, there is this fat that rolls out on around your waistline. So that fat is cold as muffin top. So have you seen a muffin before? Have you eaten a muffin before? Well it’s a little narrow from the bottom but at the top it’s protruding out. So that’s what we are talking about muffin top can be used when you see a woman okay, a female especially wearing tight pants and then this fat around her waist line that is protruding out okay so that’s muffin top for you. All right so it’s fat around the waist.

Moving on to the next phrase that you can use is ‘saddlebags’. So originally when we talk about saddlebags, it’s actually used to transport goods on horseback. So basically the goods or the bags are on both the sides of a horse okay, so when the horse is walking you would see a bag around on his left and on his right. Now here when you are using this term to describe one of your body parts specifically you are talking about your upper thighs. So there are some people who have large upper thighs too much of fat around upper thighs. So these upper thighs is like rather than saying that look at my upper thighs they are so ugly, so rather than saying this you can use the phrase that oh I hate my saddlebags. So which means that you hate the fat around your upper thighs. So that’s saddlebags for you.

Moving on to another funny phrase that you can use is ‘bat wings’. Well yes, what exactly bat wings really mean when you are talking about your body? Now there are certain people who have flabby arms, so like the mass or the fat around your underarm, okay? It just sags out, it’s just too flabby, okay? So yes there are many people who have this issue so the moment they pick up their hand up or their arm up, there’s a sagging skin or the flabby skin that is visible. So too much of fat underarms, okay? So that is cold as bat wings. That’s just too funny, so rather than saying that, oh look at my flabby arms, use the phrase oh look at my bat wings so for example you’re taking a picture and a woman is standing like this and then she’s upset that you know her flabby arms can be seen you can say oh no look at my bat wings we need another picture, okay? So that’s how you can use this phrase.

Moving on to the next phrase is ‘spare tyre’. So it’s t-y-r-e in British English whereas in American English it’s t-i-r-e. So what is a spare tire? What exactly does this mean? Well when you see too much of fat around your waist okay, which actually looks like a car tyre and if it’s way too much of fat around your waist and probably a truck tire which is huge so that’s used in a very humorous way when you are upset about too much of fat that’s visible around your waistline, all right? Many people when they sit okay, so probably when you’re standing the fat doesn’t show up but the moment you sit, there’s this tyre that comes out. So yes rather than describing, oh I look too fat or that’s too much of fat around my waistline, you can say, “Oh my God look at my spare tyre, I need something to hide my spare tyre.” All right? So that’s how you can use this funny phrase. So spare tyre is fat around the waistline, all right?

Moving on to the next one a ‘beer belly’ or another term that you can use is ‘pot belly’. So what exactly does this mean? Beer belly, men now you would see a skinny man but when this skinny man drinks too much of beer and indulges into too much of eating, eating junk food and all fattening food and they tend to have a big belly. So they’re skinny but they have like a big belly. So that big belly can be described as beer belly. Hmm, look at my beer belly. Okay many men are pretty proud of it but there’s nothing to be proud of it, trust me, it looks bad. So beer belly is a big stomach, okay? Because of drinking too much of beer or indulging into too much of fattening food. So that’s beer belly and another phrase that you can use is a pot belly again used for a big stomach or a big tummy. So I think the pot belly comes from a pig, you know have you seen a big pig with a pot belly yes if you’ve seen it before then it’s really funny so that’s how it is compared to a human body as well, so you can say beer belly or pot belly so like a big tummy, all right?

Then moving on to the next phrase that I have for you is a ‘turkey neck’. Well turkey neck is actually in English it’s called as double chin, so there are people who have too much of fat around here so it’s either a tendency to have a little fat around your neck or under your chin so it’s actually called as double chin but in a funny way if you have to describe that fat around your chin and around your neck well you can say that, oh look at my turkey neck. So even I have a tendency of having a double chin when I indulge into too much of food so I gain weight around my neck and my chin so, a better phrase that I can use to describe in a very funny manner is turkey neck. Oops, look at my turkey neck, I need to do something about it. All right?

Then moving on to the next phrase that I have for you is ‘chubby cheeks’. Well what are chubby cheeks in a way it’s really cute when you tell someone, “Aw, you have such cute adorable chubby cheeks.” But chubby cheeks is when you know you have full cheeks like too much of fat around your cheeks. It’s cute in a way but yes I mean if you are an adult and you have way too chubby cheeks then it looks a little flabby your face looks a little fat and flabby so a funny term that you can use to describe a big face or flabby cheeks is chubby cheeks. Remember that little rhyme that we used to sing as a kid chubby cheeks, well yes that’s where it comes from chubby cheeks is flabby cheeks all right? So if a woman who has full cheeks well a better term or a funny term that you can use for her is chubby cheeks oh look at your chubby cheeks, all right?

And then the last funny English phrase that I have for you that you can use is ‘stovepipe legs’. So what are stovepipe legs? Large legs, yes, there are people who have really large huge legs and they’re just similar to the stovepipe so that are connected to the chimney you know there’s the, the pipes that are connected from a stove to a chimney there are huge large pipes. So if someone has big large legs then you can use this phrase, “Oh my god, you need to stop wearing short skirts, you have stovepipe legs.” Well when you say this, it can sound really mean but yes in a humorous way you can say that look at your stovepipe legs, stop wearing these skirts. So someone who has large legs you can say stovepipe legs, all right?

So these are the eight funny English phrases that you can use to describe a body. So if you like eating, if you enjoy drinking then just go ahead and do not complain about your body too much, just start using these funny phrases and I’ll be back with a new lesson soon till then, you take care.

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