8 Morning Habits to Kick Start Your Day – Daily Habits Of Most Successful People

Why successful people are able to produce some extraordinary results that most of us don’t? Well, they follow some great morning habits that keeps them motivated and going the whole day. I do follow a set of morning rules that I would like to share with you people, these morning routine habits are easy to follow and help you with the required motivation and inspiration in your every day life. We simply cannot get away from delivering great results if we don’t start the day right build right habits, because our habits decide the results we get in our life. So, if you want to be more productive and successful you need to adopt some positive habits in the morning that will affect your whole day with added confidence and help you stay focused.

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Wow! It’s 8 o’clock already? Well good morning everyone, how y’all doing this morning? Well as you see I am all ready to face this wonderful day. But you know what there used to be a time when I used to just go off to sleep again or I used to check my phone for Facebook, for Instagram or WhatsApp messages but now it’s so much different like I literally kick start my day with few things. I’ve now realized that the way I start my day sets the tone for how productive or how positive the entire day will be so as a habit I decided to do eight things in the first ten minutes of the day and that’s what I’m going to share them with you today. Trust me guys that these eight things has really helped me to kick start my day in the right way. So stay tuned with me I am Niharika and this morning I am gonna help you to kick start your day wonderfully. Well the first thing is “don’t hit that snooze button”. Well a lot of you aren’t going to like me too much when I say don’t hit the snooze button of your alarm because well I believe that if you do that you’re gonna go ahead and sleep some more. Now every time you do that you end up waking up a lot rather than the way you have planned to start your day. So you might wake up say 30 or even 40 minutes late. So we all know that you know it is really stressful to be late because your work is completely dependent on the way you start your day. So do yourself a favor please try, no matter how cold it is or beautiful morning or lazy morning it is, it’s time for you to wake up, get on to your feet as soon as possible, let that alarm go off and you should be up. You will eventually be really glad that you do that. Here’s the next one “ditch the phone”. All you know that mobile phones play a vital part of our lives these days, you wake up and there you go okay who commented, who has liked my picture, oh wow I have two new followers… Don’t do that well do you know a phone screen is not the best thing for your eyes as soon as you wake up. I mean you can use the phone later on but the moment you wake up, you open your eyes and you look at that bright screen it’s not a good thing. Let’s face it, not getting up, regular work updates on your phone definitely reduces the stress. Imagine you wake up and there are like ten emails from your boss and you’re like, “oh! I am going to have such an awful day, oh, I don’t want to go to work.” That’s the negative thought that you get. So avoid looking at your screen the first thing in the morning. Well here’s the next thing, “make the bed”. What, it sounds funny? Well I watched this amazing speech by someone the other day on YouTube and it was about the importance of making our beds as soon as we wake up. In fact in that speech he boldly declares that if we want to change the world well we must start by making our beds early in the morning when you wake up. Now that kind of sounds funny but guess what? Well the truth is that when we make our beds like in the first thing in the morning, well trust me it’s like you have achieved something really important yes so it’s like an accomplishment and any accomplishment be it big or small well it just sets the right mood to accomplish the bigger things in your entire day. So well after that speech the first thing that I made a habit is to wake up and then make my bed every single morning. Well here’s the next thing “drink water”. You wake up in the morning and you drink water. Well it is proven that drinking a liter of water early in the morning reduces the risk of heart attacks well yes it also detoxifies your entire system. Well we could all do with better health, right? So instead of having that first cup of coffee to energize yourself or probably tea, well do something for your wonderful body. Go drink at least a liter of water. Well the next thing that really kick starts my day is the “natural light”. Yeah! Like when you wake up I don’t need these lights, I need some natural light, I need the happy Sun. Because the sunlight early in the morning really makes you happy, apart from prepping my mood it is also meant to be healthy for the bones and my skin yes you have spent the entire night perhaps your late evening as well inside the house and under artificial lights now head outdoors in the morning to experience the warmth of the Sun for your body so if you don’t want to step out of your home well just open the windows yes your eyes will light up, your skin will glow and you will feel like you’re on the top of the world. So instead of going back to sleep or hitting that snooze button, well get up push back those curtains and get some amazing sunlight. Now what do you do if it’s a dark wintry morning? Well what you can do is you can go out and take a small short walk. Well get as much light as possible. Healthy bones and beautiful skin, yeah! The reason is sunlight. So keep that in mind and have a wonderful day. Well here’s the next thing “stretch”. Yeah! Well I have made it a habit to engage in some light exercises early in the morning so I either stretch for a bit or I might just do a few push-ups or anything that makes me feel fresh and active first thing in the morning. It’s also a good idea to engage in some physical activity through exercise or through yoga because this improves the blood flow in your body. So time for you to either stretch or do some light exercise, go for a morning walk or do some yoga. Well here’s the next one “create positivity”. I believe that words are more powerful than thoughts. Now if you still feel stressed about last night are certain issues you are facing, it’s time for you to talk to yourself forget yesterday and focus on today. You may have a negative thought but just tell yourself that hey I am going to get over this or just tell yourself that wow this is a new day and I will do better. Now when you really talk to yourself and motivate yourself you are creating an air of positivity and as soon as you wake up you feel great and trust me you will carry this attitude throughout today. Here’s the next one “think of the good”. Now I know that not all things really excite us in equal amounts some things just bore us and some other things like super fun and super exciting and then there are things that really annoy you to no end so as soon as we wake up we must filter our thoughts. We must think of things that we are really grateful about. So be it your job be it your parents be it your friends just be grateful and this will make you happy. Now for example I am a big foodie so just the thought of going for a nice buffet meal you know during the day for my lunch, that’s what I look forward to. So what is yours what are you excited about when you start your day with exciting thoughts it really works. So thank you everyone for watching this session with me, well I hope this lesson really inspires you to change your normal routine in the mornings, yes if you stick to these lovely habits trust me you are gonna have a wonderful day ahead. So next time your alarm goes off you promise that you’re not gonna hit that snooze button, right? So tell me how these things will really help you out, do comment and I will be back with more sessions for you till then keep watching, keep smiling and have a wonderful day ahead.

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