8 Things Not To Ask Or Say To Any Girl / Woman – Dating Tips & Advice

There are some very important things you should never say to a girl or a woman. You should stay away from saying these things if you are a guy. Whether this girl is your girlfriend, wife or just a friend, it doesn’t really matter, these 8 phrases are sure to offend them. After all  she’s a girl and you have to be extremely careful to not say or ask any of these things that you shouldn’t say to a girl. Reading girls is difficult and what might offend them make many guys think, but there are a few common grey areas which you should stay away from, which might create a wrong impression and defect a relationship you have. Many dating advices talk about it in different ways, these phrases could ruin your date, relationship and make the girl develop a negative image of you. 

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Hey friends you’re with me Niharika on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. Now among the top dating complaints that generally guys have is that they never know what turns a woman off. While men are usually very careful with their appearance and actions, more often than not it is something that they say inadvertently that nips a budding relationship. Now in today’s session I’m gonna help you with these top eight things that you are never supposed to say to a woman if you want to see her again. So let’s have a look at these eight things. Well the first thing you should really avoid saying is, “how many men have you been with?” Now just as she should never ask you, ‘how many women you’ve been with?’, you should also never ask her that how many men has she been with or how many men has she slept with? The reason you should never ask this, well because this question is something that you don’t want to know. Now it doesn’t matter if the answer is high, low or smack dab on the nose, of you have deemed acceptable. But there is nothing to be gained from the knowledge that you’re gonna get, so why ask, how many other men have you been with? The only thing that it will do is guess what, it will change the way you feel about her and if it’s too high, you will think that she just gave it up to any guys, and if it’s too low then you will wonder if there is something wrong with her, so the best way is not to ask this question at all. Well the next thing that you’re not supposed to say which kind of pisses me off as well that, “have you gained some weight recently?”, wow did you just ask that? Well some women are extreme sensitive about this. Well they really want to look like models but it doesn’t make things exactly so easy for them. So when you ask your partner that if she has piled on few pounds, well it is a sign to her that you care more for her appearance than the person that she really is. So such few things are likely to upset her more as this one. So make sure that you never comment about their weight. Never say that, ‘I think you look a little fat’, that’s rude, that’s means so stay away from this. Another one is so, “do work on you just sit at home?” Now this is again a very insensitive question, especially for someone who is between jobs or probably has some other family commitments. Now the implication that one, is just that sitting at home when she’s not going out to a full-time job well it completely discounts the huge investment of time and labor required to run a house, so remember that and never ask such an insensitive question and even if she has a day job, the way the question is couched, is most likely to raise the hackles of any self-respecting woman, so stay away from this phrase. Here’s the next one, “your friend is very attractive”, one of the worst possible verbal gaps that you can make is when you lavishly say that, ‘hey your friend is super attractive’, oh my god, are you sexually attracted to her? But that’s what your partner is gonna say. Such a remark is one of the surest signs of a jerk who cannot control his thoughts, his wandering eyes even before a woman whom he is already dating, so if you want to see this particular woman again be careful and make sure that you do not mention that how wonderful or how hot or how attractive her friends are. Here’s the next one, “ah my mom has exactly the same outfit like this one.” The surest way to a woman’s heart is to say or do something that will make her feel unique. Since every woman secretly likes to believe that she is the only one who is the best or is really better than the others. At least you know different from the crowd. But on the other hand if you come up with the remark that, ‘hey, you look so much like my sister’ or ‘this dress, my mom also has it’, or ‘my friend has it already’. Well this one is just gonna make her feel that she is just one among the various other women in your life. I mean she is hardly likely to seek out the pleasure of your company a second time, so make sure you don’t pass such a kind of a comment. Here’s the next one “the show-off kinds”. “Well I’m thinking of upgrading to a Mercedes this year, because my Beemer seems to be pretty old now”. Oh what a show-off. Well you might think that bragging about your awesome car, fancy job or rich house would really impress a woman, with your materialistic or professional success? I’m sorry buddy, you’re wrong. The truth is that most women associate such things with the men who have nothing else to offer in a relationship but just brag about themselves. But while it is true that there are some women who can be pretty much impressed with such obvious signs of material wealth but not every woman is likely to be impressed, so you gotta be careful okay, when you brag about your spoils during a nice relationship or in a nice conversation that you’re having with the woman, well see, understand and then brag. The next one is, “hey, for your age, you actually look good”. If ever there was a left-handed compliment, this was the one. Well, while praising a woman’s appearance, you are actually being so sarcastic that this remark is gonna definitely offend her. Well it just seems that you are preoccupied with her age, more than her beautiful face. So if you find her attractive, well just go ahead and appreciate. Tell her that, ‘oh my god, you look gorgeous, you are attractive’. Well if you must appreciate a woman’s looks leave out any mention of the years while doing so. So please don’t talk about the age while you’re complimenting her beauty. Here’s the next one, “my ex was such a bitch”. Okay so you are trying to compare here, you’re trying to make your current girls feel that she is the best thing that has happened to you, but heaping insults on your ex, is hardly the right way about it. For one thing your partner is definitely gonna feel that you still have not got over your ex, yeah! Which means that you are still thinking about her and you’re burdening your present relationship with lot of emotional baggage from the past. Just like how men hate the women who carry emotional baggage, well trust me women dislike it too. So if your personality is where you are still thinking about your ex or you are trying to compare your current relationship with your ex, buddy, you are absolutely wrong. You need to stop doing that. So friends dating is not always about what and how to say the most appropriate things. Now if you love a person, if you want to carry forward this relationship, well you got to be a little careful. More often the things that you should avoid saying are equally important in creating the right impression and of course making your relationship a successful one. So hope these phrases are helpful to you guys, I’ll be back with a new session soon, till then you take care and keep smiling.

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