9 tips for acing your next job interview.

In this English lesson by Rima, you will learn 9 important tips to ace your next job interview.

1) First.. Get the interview :

If you want to ace your job interview .. the first important step is to line up interviews with potential employers. This can be achieved by making a list of companies/employers that you are keen to work with and then getting in touch with them ; requesting for an interview.The more the number of employers you reach out to …the more the chances you have of getting called for interviews.

2)Rock the Resume’ :

Now , this is a very important step ..your Resume’ is like introducing yourself to your potential employer . So, make sure your Resume’ is solid, crisp , to the point and it highlights all your positive attributes and strengths . So Rock the resume’ to get the employer excited about meeting you !

3)Preparation is key … so Prepare , Prepare , Prepare in advance

Its important that you come across as well prepared & knowledgable in your job interview ..the only way to make this happen is to prepare well , and well in advance. Read up about the company /employer you are interviewing with; make yourself familiar with their goals, ideology etc.Also read up on the latest news in your industry ; this will help you during discussions.

4)Make a “killer” first impression :

First impressions are said to last a lifetime ; make sure yours is positive ! Make sure you reach on time for your interview ; you are well dressed, well groomed and your appearance is pleasing .Be careful about your body language , make sure your appear alert , interested and confident .

5)Tackle the tough questions:

In every interview there are certain “tough” questions that are thrown at you by the interviewer. Make sure you anticipate these questions well in advance as part of your preparation.Make a list of questions that may be tough or uncomfortable for you to answer ; prepare positive answers for these questions and practice answering them confidently .

6)Use the Question Mark :

Its important that you ask the employer a few questions too .. you can ask relevant questions about things such as the details of your role , the vision of the company ,etc. Asking such questions makes you appear intelligent , interested and earnest and makes a positive impression.

7)Serve the “good” dish :

Its important to talk about your good qualities , strong points and bring them to your interviewer’s notice . At the same time its important to do this without appearing boastful or over confident ; It is important to talk confidently without sounding too full of yourself or arrogant.

8) Follow up but do not stalk :

After the interview is over ; the next important step is to follow up with the interviewer/company regarding their decision about whether or not to employ you. Follow up can be done through email, text message , a phone call or even a handwritten note or letter . One can also start with a thank you note or message and then go on to find out the outcome of the interview . Its important to do this without appearing too desperate, aggressive or like a stalker who keeps calling or messaging too often .

9)If it is a “NO GO” , look ahead:

It is possible that you may have done well in your interview but you may still not get hired…do not lose hope , stay positive . If possible get in touch with the interviewer and find out their reasons for rejecting you .Take the feedback in a positive stride and work on it. Start once again from the first step and work towards lining up more interviews…remember there is always another opportunity waiting for you!


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