9 tips – How not to be rude while speaking.

In this video from the Skillopedia series you will learn how not to be rude while communicating, especially when one is meeting you for business or work. You will learn 9 important tips, that you must remember if you don’t want to appear rude in the Business world.

Do not interrupt –

During a meeting with a client or colleagues please hear out what the other person has to say and make sure you don not interrupt the person mid-sentence as that is very rude and inconsiderate.

Do not speak over –

When someone else is talking , never talk over that person because that will mean you consider what they are saying as unimportant and you will be considered rude .

Always Elevate , don’t put down –

When you are speaking in a meeting , do not be condescending or put down the other person as that can make you appear disrespectful and rude and end up spoiling your professional relationship.

Do not go back on your words –

If you have said something earlier, before the meeting or shared a certain fact with your colleague then do not change that piece of information last minute in the main meeting ; it will come across as you are lying or withholding information or trying to steal the limelight or get undue credit . Committing to something and then going back on your word or under delivering is very unprofessional and rude. Please stick to your word, that way you will appear trustworthy, productive and professional.

Do not forget to say thank you –

Whenever there is a considerate gesture towards you ; do not forget to say thank you or else you will appear ungrateful and inconsiderate .

Do not find unnecessary faults –

It’s important that you learn to appreciate ideas and products and not find unnecessary faults just to prove a point.

Do not arrive late –

Make sure respect your own time and the other person’s time and show up on time always. It’s very unprofessional and rude to be late for a meeting.

Master the words ‘I’m sorry’ –

It happens at times that one is at fault over something or one makes a mistake at work , please make sure you apologise and take responsibility for your actions and not be defensive because otherwise you may come across as rude , egoistic and a non team player.

Do not ignore –

As it makes the person in front of you feel unimportant and ignored. At times, its very important to follow up and revert or reply back to messages, phone calls, emails . Prompt communication is important if you do not want to appear rude and want to maintain good professional relationships.

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