9 Useful English words to describe one’s Nature, Attitude & Personality

Hey subscribers, welcome to one more English vocabulary lessons to improve your English speaking with Rachna. In today’s spoken English lesson you will be learning English words to talk about people’s nature, attitude and personality. Every one is different and they have different attitude and personality so why club them with limited English vocalulary. Learn English vocabulary that would help you to describe people’s nature more precisely and would show that you have a good knowledge of the English language and put some advanced English vocabulary to speak fluent English effortlessly. 

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Complete Video Transcript –

Hi, friends welcome to a new lesson. Do you like to talk about people? Well, I like to talk about people but I like to talk about people’s nature. Yes so we often try to describe people and their nature and their behaviour but we run out of words like, you know we use basic words like he’s nice, good you know he’s smart or he speaks well or he speaks too much. Yes in today’s lesson let’s take a look at some common expressions that we could use when we describe people’s nature.

Now the first one I have here is easygoing. Now, what do you mean by easygoing? Easygoing means a person is very relaxed and calm okay. So when you go up and talk to the person he’s relaxed, he’s calm, he has no hang-ups no ego issues yeah so he’s easygoing. Now for example, if I have to put this in a sentence I’m gonna tell you, my boss is easygoing and I say it because he is such a nice person that I can go up and tell him anything. Probably all the mistakes that I’ve made at work, yeah and he’s very calm and relaxed. He’s very approachable, so my boss is easygoing. Now sometimes when you are scared of someone or you don’t feel too comfortable talking to someone that means that person is not easygoing. So you could also say I don’t feel like talking to him or confiding in him because he’s not easy going right. So easygoing means someone who’s calm and relaxed and easy to talk to.

Okay, now the next type of person is broad-minded. Broad-minded, a broad-minded person is someone who is open to ideas, new thoughts, probably accept a new culture or new trend. Yes, for example, I must share this with you. My grandfather, he’s 90 years old, totally from a different generation. Probably two generations before me but he is very broad-minded because he, you know, he kind of accepts live-in relationships, the culture of living relationships. He has, you know, he kind of does not degrade it or look down upon that culture. So it is so that he is broad-minded because he is open to accepting a new culture. He does understand the younger generation. So when someone is broad-minded, you could always say my friend is very broad-minded. She is open to you know humour or open to you know us making fun of her. She doesn’t take it to heart. So broad-minded means accepting new ideas, thoughts, culture, behaviour, attitude.

Well, the next one is self-effacing. Now self-effacing is a person who doesn’t like to get attention. It could be um you know probably getting praised, doesn’t like getting praised for his skills, for his talents. Yes so I have a colleague at work and he is a great presenter, he really presents well he makes good presentations but after that, we kind of don’t find him anywhere. You know he’s always in this corner you know hoping not to get noticed and hoping not to get praised because he’s self-effacing. His name is John so I’m going to tell you, John is a self-effacing guy that means he doesn’t like to get attention. He doesn’t like to get praised for his work. Yes, so remember self-effacing people are the ones who just do not like getting attached.

The next one is self-centered, exactly the opposite of self-effacing. A self-centered person is someone who only thinks about himself. All that he can think of his I, me myself. Every decision, every action, everything that he does is only based you know on him and the whole world revolves around him. So well it’s difficult to deal with such people. Now I have a friend of mine and whenever we plan to go out as a group, she’s the one who always decides you know where we should go and what we should eat and which party we should attend and which restaurant we should dine at. It’s all about her, she doesn’t bother asking any of us where we want to go or what we want to do that is because my friend Maria is a self-centered girl. The world revolves only around her. So yes we do have such people who are self-centered, who only think about themselves, their benefit, their likes and their dislikes.
Yes, friends, the next one is two-faced. Now, this is very common, two-faced means not literally a person with two faces, it actually means a person has two different behaviours. So with one person, he will show one side or probably be very sweet and with another person, he’ll have a different like a different, extremely different behaviour. Yeah so when people are two-faced, it is often so that they are not honest. They’re not sincere and you need to be careful of such people because probably they just kind of betray you. You know you may feel a bit betrayed but well again a very common nature of a person. So I have a friend called John, okay and well he’s a very sweet guy but you know in our group he’s someone who will go and tell my friend Maria something and he’ll come and tell me something else. I mean Maria and I happen to talk we realize that he’s two-faced. He has two different not faces exactly but he has two different behaviours with two different set of people. So well we do feel he’s a bit dishonest, he is not really sincere.

Okay friends, the next one thick-skinned. Well, this is one of my favourite personalities or you know a favourite nature. Thick-skinned is someone who just does not get affected by anything. I mean can you imagine, you crack a joke, you pull a fast one, you kind of taunt the person, you be sarcastic, you shout, you yell and he remains unaffected. I mean imagine such people just are so numb. They don’t feel anything. Well, I don’t know if it’s good or bad but I think people who are thick-skinned are lucky because I mean they really don’t get hurt whatsoever. So well this is kind of not exactly a skin being thick but yeah it is a way of saying thick-skinned is someone who does not get affected. Well, now I’m going to tell you about my friend Lara. Lara is a wonderful girl so but you know she’s so thick-skinned she’s always late okay. When we meet she’s always late no matter how much you taunt her, you tease her, you’re sarcastic nothing affects her okay. That’s because Lara is a thick-skinned girl and believe me, she is always late. Yes, so thick-skinned people are people who just do not get affected by anything.

The next one is eccentric. Now eccentric people are a little unconventional. Well, sometimes we do find them weird or strange. So say, for example, you’re at a party and you find someone who is you know behaving little weirdly, the way he talks, the way he walks, you know the way he interacts with people and you feel he is just not conventional. Like there’s something just not right, okay it’s a little weird their behaviour and we call them eccentric because they are strange or weird, there’s something that is just not right all right. So I’m gonna tell you this, last night I was at a party and I happen to get into introduced to this guy called Kevin and well he was a very good-looking guy but you know eventually I realized that he was eccentric because the way he would behave and talk with people around was really weird. So when you have these weird and strangely behaving people, they are eccentric people.

Well, the next one loud-mouthed. You find them all over the place. Loud-mouthed people are people who talk a lot. I really don’t know where they get their energy from but they just talk and continue to talk and sometimes they talk offensively. So they can say things that are pretty offensive. Now I have a colleague of mine who sits just probably in the next bay. I can hear every word that she speaks over the phone, yeah and it is pretty annoying because I don’t need to know and I don’t want to know what she speaks. And more often than not she’s pretty nasty and says pretty offensive things. So well in my office, I have a colleague named Samantha and Samantha is loud-mouthed, so much so that I get a headache sometimes.

Yes, the next one is opinionated, from the word opinion. Now opinionated people are people who have very strong opinions. They don’t think twice before they put down their opinions. They have very strong opinions, they’re rigid and do not change their opinions. My manager is one of them. So if there is an issue in office he will always come out with a very strong opinion and a rigid one too and just does not budge from his opinion. So for everything that happens be it a soccer match to politics or to a film that is in controversy, my manager is an opinionated person. Okay, that means he is full of strong opinions.
Yes and the last one is scatterbrained. Scatterbrained is someone who keeps forgetting things okay. So my little sister is scatterbrained because she always forgets to put her books in her bag, she always forgets to carry her breakfast and every day she has to forget something. So well I actually tell her, Mary you are scatterbrained okay it’s time you get out of this and be responsible and carry your stuff to work. Fine so scatterbrained is someone who keeps forgetting. It’s just a little slang way of saying your scatterbrained that means you’re a person who keeps forgetting things. So if you have an absent-minded person, remember they are scatterbrained.

Well, friends so these are the common expressions that you could use to talk about people’s nature. I hope you enjoyed watching this lesson go ahead and talk about people’s nature using these common expressions. I’ll be back soon with a new lesson till then take care and bye.



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