Accent Lesson 03 – Vowel Sound /eɪ/ AS IN TAKE

Lips: Not rounded, relaxed.
Tongue: Tense, moves from the mid-high to high position.

Common Spelling Patterns for /ei/

1. a + consonant + e                 late, came, take, save
2. ai                                               rain, wait, pain, aim
3. ay                                              say, away, play, Monday
4. ey                                              they, survey, obey
5. eigh                                          weigh, eight, neighbor, freight
6. a

less common:
April, alien, angel

Word Pairs for Practice

1. the same day           6. explain the situation
2. stay away                 7. play baseball
3. escape from jail      8. eighty-eight
4. take a break            9. bake a cake
5. stay the same         10. save the whales

Practice Sentences

1. She complained about her weight but ate the cake anyway.
2. Jake hates waiting for trains and planes.
3. It rains and hails in April and May.
4. I will stay in the game even though it’s late.
5. My neighbor from Spain moved away today.

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  • The Pronunciation of Vowels lessons are outstanding. This site is very useful for learning/enhancing both communication and soft skills. Thanks for the trainers and moderators of this site.

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