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Accent Lesson 11 – Vowel sound /u/ (oo) AS IN COOL

Lips:  The lips are tense and rounded, as if blowing a air balloon.

Tongue: The tongue is slightly tense and remains high.

Common Spelling Patterns for /u/

 oo            too, food, school, tool

ue            true, blue, avenue

o              do, who, lose, prove

ew           new, blew, drew

u             super, rule, duty, student

Word Pairs for Practice

 1. too few

2. fruit juice

3. soup spoon

4. new suit

5. true value

6. blue shoes

7. new moon

8. suitable suitcase

9. two rooms

10. super cool

 Practice Sentences

1. The new roof was installed in June.

2. I drink fruit juice and eat a lot of soup.

3. Your blue shoes are really cool.

4. I need proof that you’re telling the truth.

5. The statue on the avenue is truly beautiful.

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One thought on “Accent Lesson 11 – Vowel sound /u/ (oo) AS IN COOL”

  1. Sandy Sam says:

    Hi Ceema, thanks! Lessons are excellents. In this page, after the video when is refering to the Lips, it’s written: “as if blowing a air balloon”. Shouldn’t say “…an air balloon”? The word “an” before a word that begins with a vowel? I´m just an english student, please explain me. Regards.

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