Accent Training Lesson 02 – /i/ AS IN MEET


Lips: Slightly smiling, tense, not rounded.
Tongue: Tense, high and far forward near the roof of the mouth.

Common Spelling Patterns for /i/

1. ee                                  meet, feel, see, free
2. ea                                  team, reach, mean, sea
3. ie and ei                       belief, piece, neither, receive
4. final e                            me, we, she, he
5. e + consonant + e       these, Chinese, Peter
6. final y                            city, duty, country, ability
7. endings with ique        unique, boutique, critique

Word Pairs for Practice

1. deep sea                       6. green leaves
2. beans and cheese       7. extremely easy
3. severe heat                   8. sweet dreams
4. breathe deep                9. peaches and cream
5. three meals                 10. speak Chinese

Practice Sentences

1. The employees agreed to meet at eight fifteen.
2. Don’t keep the TV near the heater.
3. It’s extremely easy to cheat when the teacher isn’t here.
4. Please speak to Peter about the employee meeting.
5. Steve will reread the email before he leaves.


Lips: Slightly parted, relaxed.

Tongue: Relaxed, high, but not as high as for /i/. Sides of the tongue touch upper back teeth.

Common Spelling Patterns for / I /

1. i (most common)                          sit, give, this, dinner
2. ui                                                    build, quit, quick, guilty
3. y between two consonants          system, gym, symbol, hymn

Word Pairs for Practice

1. big city                          6. fish and chips
2. innocent victim            7. trip to Italy
3. drink milk                     8. spring picnic
4. children’s film              9. this thing
5. simple living               10. winter wind

Practice Sentences

1. Kim will visit her big sister Linda in Virginia.
2. In the beginning it was difficult for Jim to quit drinking.
3. The Smiths invited him to an informal dinner.
4. This city has an interesting history.
5. When did Bill Clinton visit the Middle East?


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