Smart English Words to describe ‘drinks & beverages’

When you go to someone’s house people offer you a drink or when you are at a bar you definitely order for a drink. Drinks or beverages are liquids intended for human consumption. From cocktails to punch there are words in English to describe the drink, you are having. In this Spoken English lesson, you will learn some English vocabulary to describe the drinks you consume.

Alcoholic – An alcoholic beverage is a drink containing ethanol, commonly known as alcohol.
Example – I intend to be sober today so I will skip this alcoholic beverage.

Watered down – a watered-down drink has been made weaker with water and has lost its taste.

Corked – Unpleasant tasting wine is called as corked. When the cork in the bottle has been damaged and has allowed the bacteria into the water it starts tasting awful. Therefore the drink can be described as corked.
Example – This wine is corked.

Fizzy – A nonalcoholic, flavoured, carbonated beverage, usually commercially prepared and sold in bottles or cans. Fizzy drinks are also called soda or pop or a cold drink.
Example – I enjoy fizzy drinks.

Flat – A flat drink is the one that has lost its bubbles of gas therefore it tastes bad.
Example – If you don’t put the top back on that bottle of beer, it will go flat.

Full-bodied – The drink that has a rich strong flavour and tastes great.
Example – I love this full-bodied white wine.

Stiff – A stiff drink contains a lot of alcohol and generally stronger in taste.

Example – This cocktail is so stiff.

Intoxicating – A drink that has too much of alcohol and is capable of making you drunk.
Example – This long island ice tea is so intoxicating.

Refreshing – The drink that refreshes you because of the fruity or tropical flavours. A refreshing drink is usually sweet, tart and cold.
Example – This summer I want to learn to make some refreshing summer coolers.

Caffeinated – A caffeinated drink or caffeinated beverage is a drink which contains caffeine, a stimulant, which is legal and popular in most developed countries. The most common naturally caffeinated beverages are coffee and tea.
Example – The energy drinks available in the market these days are caffeinated.

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