English For Work – Positive & Negative Adjectives To Describe Your Co-workers

If you are a working professional you spend a lot of time with your co-workers & colleagues. So, why not learn some useful English vocabulary to describe them. In this English lesson, you would learn some positive and negative adjectives to describe your work colleagues and co-workers. When you work with people for long hours, you certainly develop a relationship with them and get to know them better. You could use these useful adjectives to expand your vocabulary and describe one’s qualities by choosing the right word that suits them.

Positive adjectives to describe your co-workers

Trustworthy –

Someone on whom you could completely rely on and trust them is a trustworthy person. These people are very honest in their dealings.

Responsible –

Someone how puts in a lot of effort in their duty and are very hardworking. They always make sure they complete their task on time and before the deadline.


Someone who is honest and deals with high moral and principles is ethical in their dealings.


When someone concentrates on details or in other words micromanages things could be called as a diligent co-worker. They are never distracted by what’s happening in the surrounding.

Obedient –

Moreover, this word implies to kids, but could also be used to talk about someone who complies by the rules and regulations strictly. The always follow their bosses voice or instructions.

Negative adjectives to describe your co-workers

Belligerent –

There are people who are always on their toes to pick up a fight. They just want to have an argument on everything. They are really annoying and spoil the work environment.

Finicky –

There are some co-workers who pay a lot of attention to silly and unimportant things; such people could be called as finicky. They are quite fussy and picky about things around them.

Gullible –

Someone who could be easily tricked is called gullible. Such people could be easily fooled. It’s not a good quality one could have.


The simplest word to describe an inconsiderate person is rude. They just don’t care about someone’s emotions or feelings. They are disrespectful to others and embarrass you often.

Malicious –

These are mean people who harass and insult you. They are evil in nature.

We hope these adjectives are useful for you to expand your vocabulary and next time you would use the correct word to describe your co-worker.




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