Adjectives used while comparing equal quantities

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1. I’d rather _______ a walk.


2. He would rather Maria  ______ with him.


3. I’d rather ___________ a new phone,


4. Choose the correct negative sentence:

S1 – She’d rather you hadn’t eaten her chocolate.
S2 – She hadn’t rather you eaten her chocolate.


5. Choose the correct negative sentence:

S1 – I’d rather don’t come to see you.
S2 – I’d rather not come to see you.


6. We’d rather you ______ us first.


7. I’d rather _____ my own plans


8. He’d rather you ___________ for him.


9. I’d rather   ________ a new dress.


10. I’d rather ________________ English than Spanish.


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In this English Grammar lesson, you’re going to learn about adjectives comparing equal quantities with countable and uncountable nouns. Follow the pattern ‘as+ (adjective indicating quantity) + noun + as’ when using adjectives to express equal quantities.

When we use an adjective to compare countable nouns, we use ‘as many as’ or ‘as few as’ because ‘many’and ‘few’ are adjectives that are used for countable nouns. Use this pattern: as+ (adjective indicating quantity) + noun + as

Example 1: They have as many children as we do. (using ‘as much children as’ would be incorrect as ‘children’ is a countable noun and so ‘many’ is used.)

Example 2: John has a few books as Jane. (‘few’ is and adjective used for the countable noun ‘book’ in this sentence)

Example 3: They have as many customers as we do.

Example 4: I have 3 sisters. That’s as many as you have.

When we use an adjective to compare uncountable nouns, we use ‘as much as’ or ‘as little as’ because ‘much’ and ‘little’ are adjectives that are used for uncountable nouns.

Example 1: John eats as much food as Peter. (‘food’ is an uncountable noun as so ‘much’ is used to compare quantity.)

Example 2: She has as little patience as me.

Example 3: They’ve got as little water as we have.

Example 4: I’m not hungry. I’ve had as much as she has.

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