Expressing Obligation – New English Phrases & Expressions

Many times we are required to talk about the duties that we, ourselves or others need to perform in our spoken English conversations. In this English speaking practice lesson, Learn to talk about duties and obligations through some interesting English phrases that you could start using instantly to sound more fluent in English. We hope you would find this ESL lesson extremely useful and use the English phrases you’ve learned in your English conversation. This is Michelle on Let’s Talk.

  1. I have to- This phrase expresses the duty that a person needs to perform.

Ex: I have to teach you English.

  1. I have got to- This phrase is used to talk about self-realization or a personal goal.

Ex: I have got to learn English because I have to go abroad.

  1. You must- You can use this when you are trying to insist someone.

Ex: You must visit the doctor.

  1. It is obligatory- This phrase is used to talk about a social custom.

Ex: Saying thank you is obligatory when people help you.

  1. It is necessary- This is used for a need that you can do without it.
    Ex: It is necessary I get a taxi.
  2. You had to- past for have to/ must do
  3. I’ll have to – future for having to /must do
    Ex: I’ll have to borrow some money as I am running short of it.
  4. It is mandatory- This phrase is used to talk about a rule that is compulsory by law.
    Ex: It is mandatory to stop at a red signal.

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