American English VS British English ( Housing Vocabulary)

In Asia, USA, and many other countries, the English language was first introduced by the process of British colonization. After independence, many countries retained the British form of the language, whereas USA decided to develop its own form. When American dictionaries were build, the authors felt that words ought to be spelt like they sound, and he also wanted USA  to assert its cultural independence and was not keen on following the British form of the language. The two languages ( American English & British English)  differ primarily in the following aspects in regards to the housing vocabulary:




Apartment Flat A room generally located in a buildingoccupied by more than one household.
Bathroom Toilet A room containing a bathtub or shower, and usually a toilet and sink.
Living room Sitting room A room in a home used by the members of the household forleisure activities, entertaining guests, etc.;
Closet Wardrobe  A tall cabinet,  built to hold clothes
Shade Roller blinds An opaque window blind that can cover or uncover a window.
Blender Mixer/ Liquidizer An electrical appliance with whirling blades for chopping, mixing,or liquefying foods.
Clothes pin Clothes peg A small wooden or plastic clip for attaching washing to a clothesline
Faucet Tap A device for regulating the flow of water from a pipe.
Waste basket Waste bin A container for temporarily storing refuse and waste/garbage.
Cot Crib An infant bed
First floor Ground floor Level in a building/ Walking surface in a building
Elevator Lift An equipment that efficiently moves people or goods between floors.

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