Animal names to describe different things in English.

 In this spoken English lesson you will discover the meanings and the different ways in which common animal names can be used in the English vocabulary.

Duck – to dodge (verb) or a Sitting duck – a helpless victim or target

Dog – a wicked person (adjective) or Dog – to continuously question a person about something (verb)

Cat – a stylish lady or cat – someone who is witty and clever

Bear – a man who has a huge built, is hairy, resembles a bear or teddy bear- someone who is very warm and huggable.

Fox – a foxy woman is a sexy woman but when a man is called a fox, it means that he is cunning, can cheat easily and cannot be trusted.

Bird – can be used in place of a person, or bird breed – an insulting way of saying that someone is not intelligent. A man could also refer to a woman as a bird, to describe a beautiful woman.

Turkey – used to talk about someone who is not intelligent or cold turkey means to talk about something that is completely over or stopped like when going on a diet, you could say, “I have quit fried food cold turkey.”

Tiger – a man who is fierce, especially a sportsperson who need to win be fierce to win a game.

Horse – Horsy is an adjective to talk about a person who as a long and ugly face.

To horse around means to be loud, noisy and to be rough, mostly used with kids.

Bitch – used for a woman is considered rude, mean, who insults everyone, but it is an abuse so should be avoided.

We hope this spoken English lesson has really helped you and can enhance your vocabulary.

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