Asking for permission or approval in English.

Sometimes we are not sure if it’s a good idea to do something therefore we need to ask for permission or approval from the others. And, to do so we need some useful English expressions. Perhaps you need to get permission to do something at work or need to ask a friend for permission to use something of her’s. Therefore, in this English lesson you will learn phrases to asp for permission or approval from people to do something.

1. What do you think about me ( doing something)…?

Quite an informal way of asking for permission.
Example – What do you think about me starting this new venture?

2. Would you approve of …..?

This phrase is hypothetical hence can be considered to be polite.
Example – Would you approve of me marrying this guy?

3. Do you think I could + verb

Example – Do you thing I could borrow your car?

4. Would it possible for me + infinitive

This phrase can be used when you are uncertain about the other persons reaction.
Example – Would it be possible for me to use your father’s car for few days?

5) Would you mind if I + verb in past

Example – Would you mind if I stayed for few days in your new house?

 Expressions to give / grant permissions

1. Sure, no problem
2. Go right ahead
3. Please feel free to ….

Expressions to refuse / deny

1. I’m afraid that’s not possible.
2. Unfortunately I need to say no
3. I’m afraid I would prefer if you don’t do so.

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  • Thanks Neharika i just love the way you teach.Can u please teach us also( Use of who whose whom) i really confused while using these words

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