The Attitude of Saying ‘ I Don’t Give A Damn’ for Silly Things In Life.

This self-improvement video makes you aware about a common issue most people face-the issue of caring about things we shouldn’t!  Yes, we care too much about things that don’t even matter.  So in this video we will learn how to stop caring about the small stuff, how to NOT give a damn!  This is the only way you can live a life of peace and not be tortured by the agony of what people say or do or think about you.  This personality development training video highlights certain things you might want to consider if you’ve fallen into the trap of caring about every little thing.  Those are: 

  • Having an attitude of self-entitlement-You could be suffering from an attitude problem of self-entitlement.  A self-entitled person always feels that he or she deserves to be kept happy by other people.  They feel that everybody in the world owes them a favour.    Are you one of them?  If you are, you might hardly ever care what others have to go through.  All you care is about yourself.
  • Setting priorities-The reason you care about all the small stuff is because you’ve not set priorities in your life.  People who are successful always have priorities based on their goals.  If you set large goals, you will set priorities and that’s how the little things won’t affect you.  That’s how you will stop giving a damn.  So, go for the bigger vision, don’t waste your time on the little things.
  • Not giving a damn VS being indifferent- People confuse indifferent behaviour with the ability of NOT giving a damn.  Actually these two are quite the opposites.  Not giving a damn means that you don’t care about problems or failures that come in the way of getting towards your goals.  But being indifferent is just being selfish and a coward and not going forward in life.
  •  Caring ONLY about important things/things that really matter- Now when you successfully understand yourself, when you stop being entitled and finally when you have set up priorities based on the larger goals in your life, you will have enough energy to finally give a damn about the really important stuff.  About things that really matter!  You can now direct all the positive energy on caring for yourself and people who you need most.  These could include friends, families, work and hobbies that add real value to your life.  As a result, you don’t give a damn about every little thing and you live the best, wholesome life you’re meant to!

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