Avoid using incorrect workplace phrases.

This English lesson talks about some important work related English vocabulary. With the help of this Spoken English lesson you can express your job related experiences or speak in English about it to people using appropriate words.

1) This job is too stressful. ( noun)
2) There is a lot of work,but I can handle it.(verb)

3) They fired two of my co-workers last month.(verb)

4) I work in the sales department.(verb)

5) I usually don’t eat in the lunch room.(noun)

6) The dress code for tomorrow is casual.(noun)

7) My job demands a lot of travelling.(verb)

8) I report directly at the head office.(verb)

9) The company has a reputation of treating their employees well.(verb)

10) I commute (travel) to work by train.(verb)

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  • Explained Well 🙂 This made me to correct some of my mistakes which i usually do. Thanks!

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