Baby Animals names in English.

I am sure as a kid you have learned a few baby animal names. This English lesson will help you to learn some common babby animal names which would help you to increase you vocabulary and add few more baby animal names to your vocabulary bank, helping to to speak in English fluently.

Leveret – A young hare, especially one less than a year old is acalled a leveret.

Polliwog – A frog which has a head, but doesn’t have legs is called a polliwog.

Kid – The baby goat is called a kid.

Smolt – A young salmon (or trout) after the parr stage, when it becomes silvery and migrates to the sea for the first time.

Hatchling – A young bird, reptile, or fish recently emerged from an egg.

Fledge – To take care of (a young bird) until it is ready to fly.

Cygnet – A young swan.

Colt – a young uncastrated male horse, in particular one less than four years old.

Poult – A young domestic chicken, turkey, pheasant, or other fowl being raised for food.

Duckling – A young duck.

I hope you found this lesson helpful and you have learned some useful English vocabulary to talk about baby animals.

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  • U teach in very lovely & interesting way.
    I like to learn from U.
    Have a Great Day to U

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