Talking about BAD HABITS that make you look Shoddy & unprofessional

Bad habits at work is a not a rare thing, we see them in our colleagues and in ourselves as well. In this English vocabulary lesson, you will learn vocabulary to talk about such bad habits that make you look unprofessional at work. These words would be useful in daily English conversation.  Some of them are behavioural habits and maybe you have one of these. Watch the complete lesson to find out.

Complaining –

Complaining is quite normal, but to complain about each and everything even in perfect conditions is considered a bad habit. You may even be called a complain box in your office by your colleagues.

Excessive Flirting –

Giving compliments is good, such as you look great, your shirt colour is nice etc. but when you try to flirt saying, You look too hot, it sounds a bit unprofessional. There are many people who indulge in excessive flirting to climb the corporate ladder, this, in turn, makes them lose respect among their co-workers.


Putting your task or job at a later time is not a good thing. It only piles up your work and reduces your efficiency. You would find procrastinators ( a person who procrastinates) asking you for tiny smoke and coffee breaks or would stop by your cubicle to chat about everything, but not work. Such people often miss their deadlines.

Pleasing unnecessarily –

You cannot make everyone happy at work, if you try to please everyone around you to create a good impression, you are wrong. Stop doing that as you would end up losing efficiency at your tasks. You cannot impress each and every one, do what you are good at and for what you are hired to do. Slang term used for people who try to please unnecessarily is ‘Boot Lickers’

Pulling too many jokes –

Jokes are good as they lighten up the atmosphere. But if you have jokes about every situation they will lose their wittiness and would be more annoying, you cannot expect people to laugh all the time. Verbal humour to an extent is acceptable, but pranks may not be acceptable to everyone.

Causing conflicts –

I am sure you must have come across a co-worker who enjoys creating misunderstandings among colleagues which lead to fights and spoils the work environment. If you are one of those you are sure to lose respect and trust. Your colleagues would stop trusting you and nobody would be impressed by such conflicts.

I hope this English lesson has helped you in understand bad habits that make you look unprofessional and now you would talk confidently about them in spoken English.

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