How to be Happy, Motivated, Content & Positive when life puts you down?

In this Skillopedia video by Niharika, she explains 5 secrets about  How to be happy, being content, staying motivated and think positive. Improve your personality and build your confidence by getting rid of negative thinking to stay ahead in life.

There are so many things in life we want in order to be happy and content. A nice big house, a luxurious car, save up money, a nice life partner. If I were to get all of the things I listed would I be happy? Probably for a little while. Then I would go out looking for something else to make me happy. It’s a learned behavior for most of us. The reason is I am not happy and content with what I have now. If I can’t be happy with what I have now then I will never be happy with anything I ever get. So here are few tips that will help you to be happy and content with what you have now.

Be thankful –

Be thankful for everything you have now. If it’s food on the table or a place to sleep at night. One should be grateful for all the things you have , like I live in my favourite city , I love my job I have wonderful friends .You need to take the time out of your day and give thanks either out loud or in your mind for all the things you have. This simple task takes less than a minute and will have a dramatic impact on your current happiness.

Fake it till you make it –

This is my favourite one. Feelings follow actions. There are times when someone cracks a joke, you fake a laugh and then you actually end up laughing. So fake being happy right now until you really start to feel that way. Faking can be one of the greatest tools you have for changing your mind-set.

Take a good look at yourself –

Take a look and notice how amazing you are. Keep your self-talk positive. There are things supermodels hate about themselves, so don’t go thinking you’re the only one who has dislikes. You can be happy with yourself even if there are things you’d like to change. What are you good at, best at and want to improve at? What are your talents and what skills have you developed? What would you like to do in your life that you haven’t done yet? What is the best thing you’ve ever done?  Work on your skills and talents and highlight them in front of people so that they can be appreciated.

Catch yourself thinking-

“This sucks.” It’s amazing how often people think this thought. “This sucks!” “My co-worker is the worst — he sucks!” “My wife doesn’t understand me — this sucks!” It might be in different words, but if you catch yourself thinking something like that, pause. Reverse the thinking. Find a way to be thankful for the situation. “My wife is a caring and sweet person — maybe I should give her a hug.” “My co-worker might be annoying sometimes, but he has a good heart, and maybe I should get to know him better.” “My room might be messy but at least I have a roof over my head.” Try to look for positives in each and every situation

Take a breather –

Our life is really busy, stressful and upsetting at times, therefore it is important ro take a break and breathe. What do you need to be happy? I love simple things, like taking a walk, spending time with a loved one, reading a book, eating some berries, drinking tea. These cost very little, and require very little, and can make me very happy. Find the simple things that give you similar happiness, and focus on those rather than what you don’t have. Simple breaks will help you to give yourself a welcoming space.

Being content is not a magical state and doesn’t require any new tools or books. So follow these tips and love yourself and your life.

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