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Better Ways To Say ‘It’s Easy’ and ‘It’s Difficult’ | Smart English Conversation Phrases – Part 4

Do you struggle to speak fluent English?

Do you know all the Grammar rules, but still your English doesn’t sound fluent? 

Do you get stuck while speaking English? 

If your answer to all the above questions is YES, you have just clicked the right English lesson. In this New English conversation lesson series, I will teach you 50 smart English phrases for everyday English conversation. This is a 5 part English lesson series and you are watching the 4rd part in this series. Each lesson covers 10 smart English phrases, with example sentences for use in daily English conversations, so that you sound confident and fluent in English. This English lesson will cover smart phrases to to replace ‘It’s easy and it’s difficult’. I am Sara, A native English speaker and my accent is the modified version of Received pronunciation that is the standard British Accent. It would help you improve your pronunciation and listening skills.

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Complete Lesson Transcript –

Hello & welcome to part 3 of this 5 part English lesson series, I am Sara, your English coach. In part 1, 2 and 3 we looked at 30 smart English expressions, If you’ve missed watching it, there’s a link in the description or top right-hand corner, start using these English expressions to sound fluent and confident in English. 

When something is easy to achieve, what do you say, it’s easy, and when it’s difficult you say, it’s hard to achieve. I was hoping you could stop using these basic English expressions and learn ten smart English phrases to say something that is easy or difficult. That’s the theme of today’s lesson. Excited, let’s get started.

The first smart phrase I have for you is – It was a clinch. 

When Something is extremely easy to do, you can say, it’s was a clinch. Isn’t it a much better phrase instead of saying, it was easy? 

The driving test I took last week was a clinch. 

I finished the test 20 minutes early; it was a clinch. 

When you start something new, a business, a new job, a new course, you may come across some initial problems at the beginning of the process, you call them teething problems. When babies start to teeth, they experience swollen gums and feel discomfort, that’s where this phrase comes from – These are teething problems.

There have been teething problems with the new computer application at work. 

Most start-ups run through these issues, they are nothing but teething problems, don’t worry. 

Moving on we have – It’s a tall order. 

When Something is extremely difficult to achieve, you can say – It’s a tall order. It’s simple to understand, isn’t it?

Finishing the project in a month seems like a tall order. 

Finding a replacement for Ryan is going to be a tall order, he was good at multitasking. 

Next time don’t say – it’s difficult, instead, you could say – It’s a tall order. 

Here’s the next one – It has opened a can of worms. 

Have you come across a difficult situation that leads to another tough situation. So when you open a can of worms, you face multiple problematic situations. – It simply means – one situation leads to many other difficulties. Let’s look at some examples. 

My home renovation opened a can of worms. The builders discovered so many problems. 

I shouldn’t have left the car ideal for months, the repairs have opened a can of worms. I wonder how much I will end up paying.

Have you face a situation that is extremely difficult to deal with, and you seem to have no solution. In such a situation, you can say – I am out of my depth.

It merely means – To be in a situation that is too difficult.

I tried answering all the questions, but I was out of my depth at the meeting. 

Thirteen runs per over with just two wickets in hand. In 20-20 cricket it’s not out of any teams depth.

Next up – It’s easier said than done. 

Sometimes it’s easy to say than actually doing it. 

When Something that seems easy initially, but is difficult to achieve. You can say – It’s easier said than done.

Learning to drive in 15 days, it’s easier said than done. 

Of course, to be a better driver, you need practice. You can’t be perfect at driving in a fortnight. 

Most companies are claiming to get the Covid 19 vaccine by the year-end, but I think it’s easier said than done. 

Moving on – He’s teetering on the brink.

We looked at phrases to describe a difficult situation, but when someone is in a situation that is dangerous and difficult at the same time, you can say – they are teetering on the brink. 

Many countries are teetering on the brink of a massive financial crisis due to the pandemic. 

Samantha is teetering on the brink of losing her job. Her boss has given her a final warning. 

I use this phrase quite often – Don’t push your luck. Imagine a situation where someone asks you for a favour and you agree. But immediately they ask you for another favour. You can say Don’t push your luck – It means – Don’t ask for more. Or That’s all that I could do to help.

I’ve already bought you a new iPhone. Don’t push your luck. 

That’s my final offer, don’t push your luck. Take it or leave it. 

Here’s the next one – It’s in the cards, It’s in the cards. 

When there’s a strong possibility of something happening soon, you can say – It’s in the cards. 

Moving to New Zealand was always in the cards for Niharika. 

I was hoping for a promotion, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards right now. 

This phrase was about when there’s a strong possibility of something happening, but what if something is unlikely to happen, you can say – It’s a pie in the sky. That’s our next phrase, It’s a pie in the sky.

It simply means – Something that is unrealistic and unlikely to happen.

I think Maria’s dreams of becoming a pop singer are totally a pie in the sky. 

Enough of your sales talks, don’t promise me a pie in the sky. 

Are you going to present these ideas to the investors, they seem like a pie in the sky. 

Well, learning English with me is not a pie in the sky, with regular practice you will indeed speak English fluently and confidently – let’s quickly revise what you’ve learnt today. 

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