English idioms that use body parts.

In this free English lesson you will learn some common English idioms based on the human body. Each entry includes the meaning of the idiom and shows the idiom in context in an example sentence.

To beat one’s head against the wall.

Meaning : To waste one’s time trying hard to accomplish something that is completely hopeless.

Example : You’re wasting your timetrying to figure this puzzle out. You’re just beating your head against the wall.

Sight for sore eyes

Meaning: A  welcome sight.

Example : Oh, am I glad to see you here! You’re a sight for sore eyes.

Pain in the neck

Meaning : To be very annoying

Example : My little sister won’t leave me alone. She’s a real pain in the neck.

To wash your hands off (something/someone)

Meaning : To end one’s association with someone or something.

Example : That car was a real headache. I washed my hands of it long ago.

Weak at the knees

Meaning: if someone goes weak at the knees, they feel as if they might fall down because they have a sudden strong emotionabout something or someone.

Example : The very thought of jumping out of an aircraft with a parachute made him go weak atthe knees.

Cast iron stomach

Meaning : A very strong stomach that can withstand bad food.

Example :  If I didn’t have a cast-iron stomach, I couldn’t eat this stuff.

Land on your feet

Meaning : To be in good or improved condition after a difficult experience.

Example : It may take a few months to get a job, but I’m sureyou’ll land on your feet.

I hope this English lesson is useful to you and you have learned some interesting English idioms related to body parts.

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