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In this advanced English lesson, you will learn some interesting English stuff – that’s talking about the Bucket List. Know what a bucket list is, learn some interesting English conversation phrases, vocabulary to improve your English & Speak English with confidence

Complete Lesson Transcript –

Bucket? What’s inside it? A list, oh my gosh, bucket list, what’s that? Do you know? In this lesson, we are going to learn what is a bucket list? To find out stay with me, Michelle. What really is a bucket list? The bucket list is a list of things that you want to do before you die. Yes, and do you know where does it come from? It comes from English idiom slang or a slang idiom, which is to kick the bucket. What is it to kick the bucket? To kick the bucket means to die. If I say that he kicked the bucket, it means that he is dead. Have you heard of that English movie, it was released in 2008, starring Morgan Freeman and jack Nicholson, yes, the bucket list? In that movie do you remember there were such strange topics like, kissing the most beautiful woman in the world and also helping an absolute stranger, laughing, ha, ha, ha, ha trill you cry? Have you heard of that? Yes, these crazy and adventurous things are what are called as a bucket list. Do you want to know what is on my bucket list? Then come and join me.Let’s start, the first one, I want to go race car driving. Vroom, yes, fast, very fast, race car driving. Have you heard of formula one race?

Let’s start, the first one, I want to go race car driving. Vroom, yes, fast, very fast, race car driving. Have you heard of formula one race? Yes, that’s what it is. Formula one, formula one race car driving. Yes, but how can you talk about it? You can say that before I kick the bucket, which means before I die, I want to go race car driving. Yes, do you wanna go on race car driving? I’m sure it’s so thrilling, isn’t it

Let’s look at the second one, to do an extreme sport. What do we mean by extreme? Something which is just a bit too much. What is a bit too much? Any sport you know that is just a bit too much? Yes, what about paragliding? And what about skydiving? And how about bungee jumping? Yes, that’s an extreme sport. I’ll write it for you here. Paragliding or skydiving. I must tell you I’m so excited about skydiving. You know what happens, you jump from a plane and you literally dive into the sky and you’re flying like a bird. That’s what skydiving is and how can you talk about it? You can say that, at the top of my bucket list, is to do an extreme sport. However, for me it’s the second position. If it’s on the top of your bucket list, then you can say, at the top of my bucket list, is to do an extreme sport that is skydiving.

Let’s look at the third one before I die, I have to take a boat trip, through the Amazon. What is Amazon? Amazon River. Yes, you heard of it? What about the big, huge Anaconda snakes who can just swallow an entire human being? They are so scary, aren’t they? I wanna meet them of course before I die because once I meet them, I’m sure I’m going to die. So I’d say that, before I die, I have to take a boat trip through the Amazon River. Do you also want to do that? Maybe.

Let’s look at the fourth one. I must see the Northern lights. What are the Northern lights? And where are they found? Of course, Northern lights as the word says, they are found in North but were in the North? They are found In Northern Europe. Yes, Northern Europe. But the question is see lights everywhere, sunlight, moonlight, stars light, what’s so special about these lights? You know they are colourful lights and they just light up the sky into multiple colours and it becomes so beautiful. I really, really wanna see them. And if you also wanna see them, then you can say, I must see the Northern lights before I kick the bucket.

Let’s look at the fifth one, I’ve always wanted to go on a holiday to Maldives. Have you heard of Maldives? Yes, that beautiful place with just absolutely lovely beaches. And I love the sea so I would love to go to Maldives. What about you, where would you like to go? Do you have any dream destination? For me it is Maldives. Here, I’m talking about my dream destination, which is Maldives. I’ll write it for you here, a dream destination. You can say that I’ve always wanted to go on a holiday to Maldives, by saying always wanted to means since ever.

Let’s look at the next one, what do I wanna do next? Yes, I really wanna learn a foreign language. Are you also trying to learn a foreign language? Yes I know you are, that’s the reason you are watching my videos, you wanna learn English? The same way I also wanna learn a foreign language but not English coz I can actually speak it. So there’s another language that I wanna learn and that is Hebrew. Yes,  why? Umm…because it really fascinates me. I really wanna learn Hebrew and maybe even Spanish. Maybe some of you can teach me Spanish. I’m sure some of you already know it. Maybe it’s your first language. So for me, it’s Hebrew. A foreign language. A language that I have never spoken before or that is not my native language, is called as a foreign language. Not a native language. And how can we talk about it? I wanna try, I wanna try learning a foreign language. So why do we say try? Because we are not sure whether or not we learn it because some languages are really difficult to learn and what about wanna, what does this mean? It’s a slang, it means I want to. So you can easily say, I wanna learn a foreign language, instead of saying I want to learn a foreign language, means want to.

With this, we come to the next one, yes that is also on my bucket list, to get married, maybe it’s not on your bucket list. But for me it is. So I’d love to get married and if you also would love to get married, then you can surely say this.

The next one here, it’s my biggest dream, means my you know really serious desire, a big dream that I have. So I can say, a serious desire and what is it? To travel all around the world. Yes, it’s so amazing, isn’t it? You’re exposed to new cultures, you’re exposed to new people. Even you broaden your mind and your thinking and you get to know different people, different cultures. It’s just so amazing. And I would love to travel all around the world.

The next one, wouldn’t it be great to what? To run a marathon. What is a marathon? Marathon is a very, very difficult race. Yes you have to run at least 42.6 km’s or 26.2 miles, that’s what a marathon is and trust me it’s not an easy feat and you will have to work very hard if you wanna run a marathon. It’s not easy to win, forget about that, it’s not even easy to complete the race. But it’s on my bucket list and wouldn’t it be great to run a triathlon? So triathlon consists of 3 continuous races. So do we run the same race 3 times? No, it consists of s, b and r. What is that? Swimming, biking and running. Yes, that’s what it consists of. S,b, r, swimming, biking and running. And you know the most exciting part about the triathlon is, there is no break. You run the 3 races in one go. It’s just so crazy, isn’t it? I’m so sure, it’s very hard, I’m very sure about that also. But I still wanna try it at least. I may not win but I can always try.

Let’s look at what’s on my list next? My ultimate wish, what do we mean by ultimate? That means my final wish. Yes, ultimate means final wish and what is my final wish? My final wish is to go scuba diving. Have you heard of it? Scuba diving? Is it same as, umm… skydiving? No, sky, scuba, scuba, sky, they are different. Skydiving is flying in the sky and scuba diving is swimming under water. Yes, that’s the fun part. Do you know that 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water? And we are not privy to the life under it, so sad, isn’t it? I really wanna know what’s under water and I wanna experience that life through scuba diving or snorkelling. That’s another word for scuba diving but what really is snorkelling? So snorkel is a device that you put on your face and that helps you breathe under water. It has a tube which helps you breathe under water. That’s what it is. So I really wanna go scuba diving. Do you?

The last one, final pursues my passion. What is pursue, pursue means to try to achieve something or to chase something. To achieve something. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to be a life coach or a traveller, may be an artist or a singer or an actor. It could be just anything. But I want to be a mentor. What is a mentor? A mentor is a person who helps other people achieve their dreams. Yes I know it’s a very generous thing to pursue but I really want to be a mentor.  So do you wanna be a mentor? If yes, then I suggest you start writing blogs because that’s what I’m thinking of doing. If I write blogs I can help people all over the world, through the useful blogs that I’ll write. So mentor, for me. And you can talk about it saying, I wish I could pursue my passion.

With this, you know exactly what’s on my bucket list and I’m sure that you’ve learnt that you are never too old to set another goal  and never too old to dream a new dream. so go ahead, dream a new dream, create a bucket list if you don’t have one and if you already have one, share it with me in the comments. I’m so excited to read what’s on your bucket list. I hope this lesson was fun for you coz it really was for me. Thank you so much for joining me, this is Michelle signing off for the day. Bye.

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