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How build an impressive Resume/CV that sells? Resume writing tips/ skills for a Job Interview.

You have clicked this video as you are applying for a job interview and want to write a job resume or a CV the would create an impression on the interviewer. In this Skillopedia you will learn resume writing tips that would help you crack and gain job interview success. Rather that following a resume template or a resume format the key to build a good curriculum vitae is to know the key elements that would make your CV standout from the others. We hope this job interview skills video you help you understand your resume better and help you build a resume that sells faster and the employer would want to hire you. These resume tips would be help for freshers in the job market.

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Complete Video Transcript –

Welcome to the session viewers, this is Michelle and you are watching Skillopedia, the place to learn skill for the real world. And this is 100% true. You are learning real skills for the real world. You’ve already seen a lot of our videos about job interview skills. But if you think carefully, which is the most important part of your job application? Can you think of it? Well the most important part is, your application, and while you are applying the first step is sending your CV across. And if that is not good enough, my dear you are not going to make a good impression on your prospective employer. So in this session today, you are going to learn seven powerful ways to make an effective CV to cast a perfect first impression on your employer. So keep watching this session, you really cannot miss it. This is Skillopedia. The most frequent question that I’ve heard with regards to an effective CV is, “Should I upload it on a job portal?” Yes or No? The answer is relative. Which means it’s both Yes and No. It’s Yes for different situation and No for a different situation. So when is the answer No. If you are working for another organization right now at the moment and you are interested in applying elsewhere, then that is the time when you need to upload secretly. Your Uploading should be discreet, which means that your CV should not be public. If it is public then there is high possibility that your colleagues will find out your interest and they might report to the higher ups. If that doesn’t happen then the HR when they are updating their job openings will surely see your interest and that might clash with your work and may tend to lose the current job as well, while looking for another one. And that surely not a good experience. Alright so this answer can also be Yes. But it is Yes when you have already made it clear at work that you are soon going to quit. This happens when you give a notice period, or you have verbally conveyed it to your employer that you are soon going to quit for various reasons. So if you are looking for a new career opportunities and you want to publicize that then that’s the time when you need to make your CV public over job portals. The more public it is, the better it is. And it will be easier for employers to find you, track you and Employ you. Another very important tip while designing you CV is to choose an appropriate job title. What this means is, “How do you promote yourself?” That one word or a set of two to three words that allow you to promote yourself. Using these words, head hunters will search for you and recruit you. They will see whether or not you are the apt candidate and what do you really have to offer to the organization and where is your place in the organization. So have to be very careful while choosing a job title. One of my students shows the job title “Marketing Professional” and I think that was a great title. But at the same time I was questioning her, that how many people do you think will type these two words to find your position? And I asked her to research more. When she researched more, on this she found some more alternatives to marketing professional, like “Marketing Analyst”, “Marketing Specialist”, “Marketing Executive” “Marketing Manager”, “Marketing Co-coordinator” You have to find out, from your people or your professionals that which is the most frequently used job title for your obsession and once you have decided that you are way to go. Because through this the Head Hunters are going to find you. And it’s even better if the title is more specific. So what kind of a marketing specialist are you? Are you a strategist specialist? Sorry or are you social media specialist? If you can specify that, it’s even better for the recruiters to find you. It’s necessary to decide the keywords for your CV. Keywords are the words, which are the most important in your CV. SO words like a marketing specialist is definitely very important. So it’s necessary that the first word which is marketing should appear over and over again in your CV. May be for your past jobs or your present jobs, obviously wherever it’s relevant. Though what is the purpose? Well if you have this word over and over again, in your CV you will appear higher in the search rank and it will be easier to find you. So use this tip, decide on your keywords and use them over and over again in your CV. Your CV should be two things at a time. It should be brief and it should be detailed. Yes it’s possible to do that. You can give a clear description of your previous jobs that’s when your CV is detailed. SO that your Employer or anyone who views your profile can know that you have a rich track record. Which means that you had great experience in the past and you are suitable for the position that you’ve applied for. Apart from this there is another point that you need to consider and that is there are certain jobs that you need to leave out on the CV. So if you are very experienced candidate, let’s say you are 30, and you are Director of a startup and you have mentioned on your CV about a High school job that you did in a summer camp that’s not really useful. So avoid that leave it our coz it’s unnecessary so give detailed description of useful and appropriate jobs. There is one more thing that I want you to remember, about your CV and that is when you are describing your past jobs, it could be that you could be playing more than one role at company that you are working with. For example in my case my previous company I was an English Teacher and at the same time I was editing their global materials. And I also edited their cultural magazine. So I was more than one thing at a time. While being an English teacher, I held two other positions. So this what you call a rich track record. And it should be clearly displayed on your CV. This one is definitely a million dollar tip. When you’ve done all your hard work and you made such a perfect effective CV, Everything can go wrong in just one step. and that is if you’ve not checked the PDF version of your word CV it could appear highly disorganized if the employer downloads as a PDF file so it necessary that if you’ve made a word document you see it as a PDF file too, because sometimes certain symbols in the word can appear as blanks on PDF and that is when it becomes absolute disaster. So make sure that you download the pdf version of your CV and see whether it appears as organized and clear or not. And I also recommend that you should actually make a pdf version and send or upload it on the job portals. That is because pdf version is more secure and it does not allow editing so follow this tip surely. Once you’ve updated your CV and it’s all ready to go there is one very important step that you need to take care of, you need to start looking around for a recommendations. Recommendations are letters from your previous employers or current employers about your professionalism. They show that how good a professional are you. You could ask this from a colleague or a higher up and this is a very good dose of social proof for your prospective employer so make sure you ask for recommendations coz this will really help you once your CV is shortlisted then next thing that the employer is going to ask you is for recommendations. So you should have it ready in case it’s required. The final tip that I have for you is that before you send your CV across, make sure that you’ve checked your spellings. Yes, this is a fatal error or fatal mistake that a lot of professionals make. I have come across a lot of professional CVs when they have made some really silly errors with regards to spellings especially for business words. So make sure that you check your spellings or you ask someone to proof read your document for you. Someone who is really proficient in English, so that if there are any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors they can correct it for you and you do not appear to be very sloppy to the employer. So this is my final tip for you but I’m not close it here I have a bonus tip because you stayed till the end and that tip is with regard to your Linked In profile. Please remember that your linked in profile is one platform where your employers can see you and see your credibility as well so you must try your Linked In profile to be a reflection your CV that’s going to definitely increase your credibility. Thank you so much everyone for watching this session with me Michelle, I had a really great time sharing these seven powerful tips about improving your CV. Please use them and I wish you all the very best for your future applications. Let me know if they have been helpful to you in the comments below. Thank you so much this is Michelle signing off bye bye

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