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Hello English learners, welcome back to your favourite English learning Channel ‘Let’s Talk’. Today we have a Business English conversation lesson to learn how to ask for some more time from your Boss. Learn English with the help of an English conversation to understand Phrases and vocabulary used in Formal English speaking. We are sure you would find this English speaking lesson extremely useful to speak English confidently at your work place. Practice some great Business English vocabulary to speak English more clearly and confidently.

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Complete Video Transcript :-

“Please, I need more time.” “I beg you for some more time, I’ve not completed the project.” “I’ve not met the deadline yet.” Is that how you ask your boss for time? I’m so sorry that’s just not a good way. If you wanna to learn some professional ways to ask your boss for some more time then stay with me Michele in this lesson because I’m gonna help you with that through an interesting conversation. So stay tuned… So let’s look at a conversation between a boss who is a company supervisor and her secretary and the background is that they’re all preparing for a conference with the media, a press conference.

So, let’s look at the conversation,

“Bessie, what about the press kit?” “Ahh… Ma’am have been meaning to talk to you about that for a long time, I… I need a little extension over the deadline.” “Extension! Why the delay?” “You’ve had over a month to finalize the details.” “Umm… Ma’am, I know but then I ran into a lot of problems.” “I don’t need any excuses, I want this done.” Pause…

So this is the kind of conversation that Bessie and her boss had and that’s kind of rude. So what was the problem and what are the words that Bessie and her boss used? Let’s decode those in these conversations for you. So the first one PRESS KIT the boss asked Bessie, what about the press kit? So since I told you that they’re all preparing for a press conference, for a press conference a company needs to provide a set of documents, pictures and articles about their companies to give a know-how to the media people so that they know about the project and they know about the company. So these are a set of documents about a company for the media. A set of documents. Let’s look at the next one I’VE BEEN MEANING TO, so the, so Bessie said to her boss “I’ve been meaning to talk to you” this means that she’s been trying to or planning to talk to her boss but she’s not been able to maybe she didn’t find time or maybe her boss was not available. So have you been trying to or have you been meaning to go to the gym for some time to get into shape but you’ve not been able to then you must hit the gym and get into shape. To plan or intend. The third one, FINALIZE, so the boss asked Bessie “You had over months to finalize the details.” This means, aah, you know to decide on the last detail. So let’s say that you applied for an interview and you’re really anxious to receive the interview call but you receive none so you call their office and you ask them “I had applied for an in for the interview did you receive my application?” and they tell you, “Yes we did receive your application but we are still finalizing on the details.” So this means to decide on the details or to decide on the final details. As the word finalize says. Alright the next one, so Bessie told her boss that “I need an extension over the deadline.” So let’s talk about DEADLINES first. So deadlines are the dates by which you’re supposed to complete a project. And they’re usually assigned by your superior and you must submit your project on those dates and if you don’t then you ask for an EXTENSION which means you need some more time to complete the same project. Please try and complete your project on time otherwise it’s not going to be so nice you’ll also have to ask for an extension like Bessie. Final dates to submit. An extension is for some extra time. Actually extension is just short for some extra tension. Don’t ask for extra tension and meet your deadlines that will really make you happy and more relaxed. Let’s look at the next one DELAYED. So the boss asked Bessie, “why the delay?” which means why are you taking so long, so delay means to do something late. Doing something late. Don’t delay your projects, meet your deadlines, do them on time. Alright and RAN INTO (something) so… Bessie told her boss, “I ran into some problems.” So did she like run into the problems of course not. This is also a phrasal verb it has a preposition and a verb and it means to come across or you know, just face some problems in the in this conversation. But otherwise to run into something can also mean that you ran into a person or met a person unexpectedly. You were not expecting to see someone and you were just going somewhere and you met your friend your long-term friend and so you ran into them or you bumped into them. So ran into something means, to face some problems in this conversation. To face some problems. Alright, so with that we look at the next part of the conversation between Bessie and her supervisor. So supervisor, “I don’t want any excuses, I want this done as soon as possible.” “Yes ma’am I will.” “I just ran into some problems, first Mike fell sick, then I didn’t find the photographer and finally when I completed everything, the design team lost the files and we had to redo the pictures.” “Alright, that’s okay.” “But I can’t put this off any later, I want this ASAP.” Pause… Now we are going to decode the rest of the conversation, BEYOND MY CONTROL, that’s what Bessie told her boss so certain things were beyond her control this means, Mike fell sick she has nothing to do with it but still she faced the problem because Mike fell sick. She couldn’t find a photographer, it was not in her control. So she had nothing to do with it that is what it means to for something to be beyond your control, you’re not able to do anything about it. So you’re kind of helpless. Helpless situation and you’re not responsible for it. And the boss told Bessie, “I can’t put this off any later.” this means that I cannot do this any later I want it done ASAP which means as soon as possible so PUT SOMETHING OFF means to do something at a later time doing something at a later time. ASAP as soon as possible. so don’t be a nerd with this cap begging your boss for time, instead be smart wear this cap on your head and ask your boss for time with all these phrases that we have learned today I hope you have a great time I hope to see you again in an English, business English conversation lesson. See you soon, bye-bye.

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