Talking about ‘Different Working Styles in English’

In this English speaking lesson, we will learn new ways to describe working styles of various people. Everyone has a different working style. Some are organized and some leave their work for the last minute. This spoken English lesson teaches you new vocabulary related to different styles of working and would allow you to expand your vocabulary to speak fluent English. Use the newly learn English vocabulary from this ESL lesson and practice it in your daily English conversation to speak English with confidence.

  1. Nocturnal: A person who is active and works at night is known to be a nocturnal worker.

An owl is a bird that is active at night, it is known as a nocturnal bird.

Example: Richard is a nocturnal worker and focuses better on making his presentations at night.

  1. Burning the midnight oil lamp: A person who works late into the midnight is said to be burning the midnight oil lamp.

A lot of people like to do their work at the last minute. Most students study one day before their exams.

Example: Marc hasn’t been working on the project and now he seems to be burning the midnight oil lamp.

  1. Bureaucratic: someone who goes by procedures and protocol no matter how demanding the situation may be.

Example: To get leave from work is a long procedure as my manager is bureaucratic.

  1. Meticulous: a person who is detail oriented in his work is called a meticulous worker.

Example: The data entry operator was meticulous in his work and maintained all the data carefully.

  1. Pioneering: a person who is innovative and comes up with new ideas.

Example: Michelle has always been pioneering and suggests new marketing strategies for her company.

  1. Enterprising: someone who takes initiative and is resourceful to the company

Example: The cosmetic company always hires fresh graduates as they are full of enthusiasm and also very enterprising.

  1. Work one’s finger to the bones: a person who is very hard working

Example: Sean worked his finger to the bone to become the CEO of the company.

  1. Armchair critic: someone who is not active at work and keeps passing comments

Example: My floor supervisor is an armchair critic. He never guides his team to perform better


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