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Niharika works as an ESL trainer at Let’s Talk English Speaking Institute in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. Our Spoken English classes are quite engaging and has delivered over 800+ free English lessons to students. She English classes specialise in English conversation, Grammar, Accent Training and Vocabulary. She offers one of the best English speaking course to learners from all walks of life and is quite favourite among English learners. Join Let’s Talk English Institute near you, to find more details about the English courses we offer.

Slang words and Expressions for smokers - English Vocabulary lesson

Slang words and Expressions for smokers.

This lesson is perfect for smokers ! New words , expressions that can be used when talking about cigarettes. But lets not forget that smoking is...

Dealing with an angry customer - English phrases & Expressions

Phrases to deal with an angry customer.

When it comes to calming angry customers, it is important to use the right words. And handling an angry customer is the most challenging aspect of a...

Comparative Idioms in English - English Vocabulary & Grammar lesson

Comparative Idioms in English.

We all compare ourselves to something or the other, so here are some phrases that will help you to compare people to something and help you to speak...

Talking about Cars - English Vocabulary Lesson

Talking about cars ( Types of cars)

There are many car related topics in English. Whether you planning on buying or renting or just discussing cars this lesson will help you to know...

English words of spanish origin - English Vocabulary Video

English words of spanish origin.

Hola! So are you curious about the influence that Spanish has had on English? As people of different languages intermingle inevitably some of the...

English Trainer teacher jobs in Mumbai Thane. ESL Jobs Mumbai

English speaking lessons in Hindi - Spoken English Institute in Mumbai Thane Delhi India

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